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Love the Specials for Bookeasy Rooms - stands out on the website, easy to load. Would be great to have this option for Tour Operators. For them to load a special they can only change the price or have to load the tour in again and call it "Special....." for it to stand out on the website/staff consoles. This is time consuming and even more difficult if operators who are self-managing their inventory to provide 'live' (due to no channel managers for Tour Operators) - it becomes another line they have to manage.

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This is a very important functionality that needs to be made priority. We have many requests from tour operators who want to add say i.e 20% off midweek whale watch and in particular want the specials icon to stand them apart. They should be able to do this via a specials component (same as Rooms) in the tour operator console as opposed to just having a different daily rate for that period.

BE - what are the chances of this happening? 

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Great idea

Thanks Damian

Hi Michelle, Natalie and Damian,

Thank you all for your feedback, we have had this feature request raised internally for a wee while now. The only issue with getting it developed is our available resources and other large projects on the go such as new itineraries, which affect all reservations regardless of the type.

Due to our limited resources, we have a maximum number of tasks that can be worked on at any given time. These tasks are split up into the following categories;

(2) - Paid Developments - Where a client or clients have paid for a specific feature to be developed

(1) - Internal Projects - Usually this involves large scale system upgrades or feature developments, such as Itineraries revamp

(2) - Internal Developments - Where we have raised development requests internally or on behalf of clients as a 'wishlist task', such as Specials for Tours

(5) - Bugs - Issues found in the current functionality of the system

Each category has it's own priority order. The numbers in the brackets on the left, is the general rule in terms of how many tasks from each category we can have worked on at any given time. Our list of tasks that are waiting to get into this queue is around the 200+ mark

Priorities are based on the number of clients requesting the feature, the amount of potential revenue that could be gained for destinations and whether or not it has a workaround available, among other things.

Tasks that are Paid Projects have the highest priority. If centres are unable to pay for a feature to be developed, and it is raised as a 'wishlist' item, it simply needs to wait for it's priority to be the highest in the queue.

Another suggestion may be to 'crowd fund' a feature's development along with other centres if it is something that everyone will benefit from, or try and get some more centres to 'like' this feature request so we can see how many clients are wanting this.

I hope this provides a bit more insight into how tasks are handled internally, and why it may take us some time to get around to developing requested features.

As always, we sincerely appreciate the feedback, please do keep it coming!

Speak soon,

Thanks Brittni - i will get working on getting people to vote. Natalie - which centre are you from? I am from Tourism Top End in Darwin.

Just one question (as its been ages) how do people vote for the topics again.


Hey Michelle! :)

To vote, people just need to click the Do you like this idea? text


*Bookeasy Staff Only #1837*

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Hi Brittni, has this one been deferred as out of all my suggestions on forums this is the one i regularly have requests for - particularly this time of year when tour operators are putting in specials - had one yesterday.

 Hi Michelle :)

I have set is as deferred as there is already a task raised for this feature request, however we just need it to be prioritised by the powers to be to get it developed.

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