Image Sizes in Operator Consoles

Would like to see uniform image sizes in operator consoles to ensure images are showing correctly on websites. At the moment if i link a new member's console from another VIC - their images may be different sizes to what we require for our website. Same with my members who are on Tour Manager or Room Manager - these image sizes are also different. If they do not match their images do not show up correctly on our website - same with other VIC's who share my members - same issue

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Hi Bookeasy,

Further to above it would be great to build an image editor into the "Upload Images' page for cropping, resizing, compressing of images. We have so many operators who do not know how to check or compress and image size and simply give up and move on becuase they are so used to cloud based applications having this function built in.

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Great idea Peta as we have the same issue

Awesome idea.

My question would be do you have an idea of the optimal size you would like to see? My thoughts are to have a uniform 800X800 with a max size of 1mb per image. Having larger images by default means they can be scaled down for your operator pages if needed.


Hi Ben,

To future proof and for we suggest an optimal size to operators of 1920 wide x 1280 pixels height. At a minimum we say 800 pixels wide. I think you suggested a uniform 800x800 but that would make images square and I think most websites tend to use landscape...would I be correct in thinking that?

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This is a great suggestion - It would avoid allot of work from the Visitor Centers chasing up correct resolution for images. The minimum specs for Australian Tourism Data Warehouse are 2048 x 1536 pixels so would be great for it to fit in with these specs as I'm assuming moving forward Visitor Centers will be synchronizing images and data to Bookeasy from ATDW.

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