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Would like the Accommodation Specials feature to enable loading an add on that will stand out on the website eg. Hotel wishes to offer Full Buffet Breakfast for a 3 month period when booking accommodation. i added this as a special however as there is no price adjustment this would not work. I can add as booking question but this does not promote the special offer when clients are choosing their accommodation only once they have booked. Accommodation providers quite often rather than offer discount off rates provide up-grades, free parking, free wifi etc.

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i am in total agreeance with customisable add ons i think booking questions are great for asking generic questions  what is your eta time etc but not for cost adjustments or specials. 

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Hi Ladies!

This is another feature we have raised internally, with it being referred to as 'Inclusions Specials'. Currently, this feature request has the same priority as the Specials for Tours


We are unable to advise of ETA's until the task has reached the development queue. Currently, this is still sitting in the wishlist queue, waiting for resources to become available to work on this specific feature.

We have included a link to this forum topic in the task itself to ensure it is updated as soon as any progress is made

Thanks team

Speak soon,

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