Below contains the list of pages that have been updated to MVC. This has been split into theme changes (cosmetic and behind the scenes changes) and function changes (behind the scenes changes with no cosmetic change).

The theme change pages will be of the most significance to a Booking Centre as the look will be enhanced.

This page and the list of pages will be updated as new pages and functions are released into the live version of Bookeasy.

Theme Change

Function Change

  • Activate Email
  • Deactivate Email
  • Add Amendment Fee
  • Revise Shopping Cart (from legacy retail)
  • Edit booking (pop up on itinerary screen)
  • Removing a legacy retail item
  • Legacy Retail Add to cart
  • Click to send operator/customer details
  • Close Itinerary
  • Edit Sale (legacy retail)
  • Cancel Reservation
  • Follow Up Flags