On the 06/04/2016 at 08.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released. 


  • Update Accom Search Beta Specials Icons - We have changed the specials icons slightly
  • Speed Up ToDo List- A change has been made to speed up the todo list of all operator consoles
  • Allow Brackets In Telephone Field - Consumers can now enter in brackets
  • Tripadvisor - Allowed for a mapping field for Trip Advisor reviews to be used for Impart Media Websites
  • Packages bookable through the agent console- Packages can now be booked through the agent console
  • Booking Restrictions - First round of backend changes to allow for booking restrictions. Further info to come about this feature
  • Paypal Integration- 3 Backend changes to allow for paypal. Further info to come about this feature.
  • Hide Family DropDown - We have hidden the family drop down - More info here
  • Update DNS for testing environment - We have moved out testing environments for internal use only
  • Added backend links to report builder
  • Limit Language - We have limited the language in Room and Tour Manager to US, Australia 
  • Update SJP to include whatson images - Whats on Images will be availble in the API used for when we are importing event for Impart Media Websites

Bug Fixes

  • Only Show Active Products - A Tour/Room Manager enhancement to only show active products in their calendar filters.
  • Default Sort Order by Rating - There was an issue with the sort by rating which has been resolved
  • Double Date Display- Some NZ clients were reporting the date was displaying twice on intera
  • Agents not allowing for 4 digits in commission - Agents in Room And Tour Manager could not set a 4 digit percentage EG 10.19%. This is now possible. 
  • Print IT with vouchers - Some bookings could not print the IT with vouchers option which has now been corrected.
  • Availability Caching- Some availability was caching on the region and item detail search causing product to look available for up to 10 mins after booking booked. This has been resolved
  • More Button Error on new accom/tour search - When clicking the more and hide button multiple times it would stop working, this has now been resolved.
  • Room and Tour Manager Slowness-  We have made some changes to allow faster loading in Room and Tour Manager
  • Reservation Quick Search Not working - The quick search was not loading for properties with more than 1000 results, this has now been resolved