Bookeasy’s 20th April development release will see the complete removal of the Family rate type option currently available on all product search pages via your internal Bookeasy Tourism Centre console.

What is the “Family” rate?

The Family rate type was created as a proverbial "shortcut" that was locked and hardcoded to a standard 2 adults and 2 children PAX type. Using Bookeasy’s legacy operator consoles, tourism operators were provided the option to set a specific “family” rate for the 2 adults and 2 children.  As a result, Tourism Centre Staff need only select the “Family” rate type when processing bookings for 2 Adults and 2 Children via their Tourism Centre console.

Why is this being removed? 

With the recent upgrades to Bookeasy operator consoles, operators now have the flexibility to create their own custom rate types using any combination of 'Base Rates’.  

Base rates in Bookeasy consist of: Adults, Children, Infants, Concessions, Students and Observers.

The problem and issue that Bookeasy needed to resolve was that custom rate types created by operators were not compatible with this legacy "family" shortcut, thereby causing potential issues with incorrect costings calculated for bookings made.  

For example, when an operator sets up a custom rate type consisting of 2 adults and 3 children, and the visitor centre staff attempt to book the operator selecting the legacy "family" rate type option plus an additional child, the cost provided was not the custom cost as per the operator's custom rate type they had setup.

What impact will this have on our Tourism Centre? 

In order to resolve the above issue, Bookeasy has decided to remove the “Family” rate type shortcut from all searches.

Please note that nothing has changed from an operator's perspective.  Existing family rate types setup still function and operators still have the ability to create a family rate type if desired, consisting of whichever PAX variables they wish (e.g. 2 adults/2 children, 2 adults/3 children, etc).  

So when you or a guest book for 5 adults and 7 children, the rate provided will be whatever rate has been set by the operator as per the rate types they have setup in their Bookeasy console.

From a Tourism Centre staff and online customer perspective, this now also provides 100% clarity on costing.  

All that is required is for the correct number of base rate PAX options to be entered when making a booking, and Bookeasy will automagically provide the correct cost value based on the rate types setup in the operator's Bookeasy console.

So instead of performing a search for a 'Family', Tourism Centre staff and online customers will simply select the number of PAX (e.g. 2 Adults and 2 Children) which will now always provide the best and correct rate/cost available.