On the 20-04-2016 at 08.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released. 


  • Performance enhancement to dashboard - We have made a few tweaks to ensure the results load faster and you are not stuck waiting for the reports to load before you can navigate away.
  • Packages Bookable By Internal Gadgets - If using the packages addon, you will now be able to book your packages from within your staff console via the gadget menu. Agent consoles will also now have the option to Book Packages by this same menu.
  • Reservations Page Update - We have made some backend adjustments to cater for the release on the new reservations search page. More information will be sent regarding this in the coming weeks
  • Booking Restrictions - We have some behind the scenes changes being released in conjunction with a Bookings Restrictions Customisation
  • Hide Family Dropdown Box - We have removed the family search box for all searches. This is explained in detail here 
  • Paypal Integration - We have made some behind the scene's changes to allow for paypal as a payment method. More information will be sent regarding this in the coming weeks
  • Upgrade Tools Directory - This is a developers change for some changes around credit card types
  • Update API to allow conference ID - We have added the conference ID to the API for events/car hire


Bug Fixes

  • External Search - Some users were reporting errors within the external tour search function. This has now been fixed. 
  • Bookeasy Terms and Conditions Link - The T&C links were broken on some documents, this has now been resolved.
  • Unable to update campaign cart - When booking campaigns internally you could not adjust your cart for additional options. You will now be able to update this, so long as it falls within your campaign parameters
  • Edit Booking Screen - When not logging out of a member console correctly, the edit booking screen showed an error. This has now been resolved.
  • Campaign Occurrences - Some users could not book various tour occurrences in packages, this will now show correctly.
  • Date Display - There was an error around dates in the edit booking screen for some users. This has been resolved.
  • Payment Date Formatting - We have made some adjustments in the way the date sort worked on payments today and payment history.
  • Retail Reporting - In the new Bookeasy Retail system, there was an error in reporting with multiple bookings/discounts. This has been resolved.