Ticketing - Improvement for ticket print out

We would like to see an easier way to print off individual event tickets for over the counter sales.

Currently if a client orders online they receive a printable ticket per person. This ticket looks like an actual ticket as opposed to an itinerary 


For over the counter sales however the only quick link on the ‘confirmed itinerary’ page is the ‘click here to view itinerary’ link which prints out the itinerary. These Itineraries are harder for the customer to read and could cause confusion when presenting at the door of the event. We want to keep all ticketing consistent so we remain professional and a preferred ticketing sales outlet for our region. Promoting both our Visitor Centre and Bookeasy.


Currently to give the customer a printable ticket we are inputting our email address in the customer details so the printable tickets are emailed direct to us and then printed from there. While this process is relatively easy I would like to suggest to have a quick link on the ‘confirmed itinerary’ page so staff can click on the quick link and print direct from this page. 

Is this something you could look into or do other centers have a need for this functionality? Would love to hear if so or any other ideas. 

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Hi Megan,

Awesome idea!

However this will need to be looked at when we revisit the tickets for a project. I've noted this down as it something a couple of centres have asked for now.