Bookeasy Release - 09/03/2016

On the 09/03/2016 at 08.30pm saw the successful deployment into production. We have included a brief description of the tasks which were released.


  • Tour Search V2 Alpha - Just like the new accommodation search centres are beginning to love we have released a BETA version of the new tour search. More information can be found here
  • Do Not Send Customer Emails - A menu item has been created to stop sending customer emails automatically more information can be found here 
  • Accommodation Search Beta - Feedback provided included when overriding min nights the warning was not clear. This has been adjusted to be more visible to staff when booking
  • Dashboard - We have made adjustments to all the reports on the dashboard to show the expected figures. Previously there were reports these figures were not correct.
  • GST Separation Report - With the changes to the payment today screen, the GST separation report was not included. This has been re added for those centres.
  • Tour Manager Manifest - Tour Manager clients will now see the voucher number listed on their Tour Manifests.
  • Tour and Room Manager - We have speed up the multi booking itineraries which can now be viewed as expected.

Bug Fixes
  • Datepicker not functioning - There were reports of the date calendar not working correct on the tour search and shopping cart pages.
  • Booking questions removing product - When adding product from a booking question, this was in some cases removing the product from the cart.
  • Trust Monies on Hand Report - Some reports were made that the trust monies on hand report did not include cost adjustments.
  • To do list All operators, including RM and TM -  The "To Do" list in some operator consoles was not loading correctly.
  • Room Manager Displaying Incorrect amounts - Some bookings "depending on the method booked" were rounding incorrectly.
  • Tax Invoices not printing Room and Tour Manager - The tax invoices were not printing correctly when viewing multiple booking.
  • Self Managed Addon and Report Builder - The self managed addon was not including results from all linked VC's when building reports this has now been resolved.
  • Room Manager Letters -  When trying to manually send, depending on the client name the letter would provide an unexpected error. 

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