Enhanced Accommodation Search for Tourism Centre Staff

What feedback are we looking for?

We'd like to know if there's specific functionality missing or you'd like to see when making bookings that would make your day to day dealings with walk-in visitors easier. The focus is on the booking processes functionality and features, not any bugs you may come across.

We're also happy to take constructive feedback regarding the styling of this enhancement and how we can improve it for use by Tourism Centre Staff.


The following slideshow is intended to demonstrate the current features and provide an introduction to the enhanced search functionality.  Tourism Centre Staff can access the enhanced accommodation search via their Bookeasy console, the details of which are outlined in the below slide deck.


Please also feel free to up-vote any suggestions/comments you see posted by others by clicking the thumbs up!

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Feedback from Mornington Peninsula Visitor Information Centre

We are really liking the new console so far;

  • colour scheme
  • simplified home screen with buttons are good in that it removes from view a lot of items which are not used on a daily basis by most booking staff
  • Homepage: the most recent bookings pod & unconfirmed booking pods are more useful than the stats pods

Room for improvement;

  • Shopping cart icon - doesn't work when you click on it. Seems you have to add another product to get to the shopping cart as it also does not appear in the side menu bar
  • time saving to have across the top of every page where ever you are in bookeasy the main functions ie Accommodation, Tours, Tickets
  • shifting the pods around - unconfirmed bookings and most recent bookings would be more useful sitting up higher on the page ie where bookings for the past 30 sits
  • is there capability for us to design our own main menu page and shift pods around and remove or hide unwanted pods from our own individual consoles?
  • what about a pod showing outstanding payments?
  • Booking for the past 30 days - no reference point as to dates
  • Accommodation Search - when you click on property name for business description and google map, the property address does not display
  • links to secure pay seem to have disappeared?? would be good to have the secure pay links on the list of payments today page
  • quotation stats - can't seem to find those, have to revert to legacy dashboard to find them

Happy to discuss if need be. Cheers Anne-Marie

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Thanks for the great feedback Anne-Marie and really appreciate you kicking off the discussion!

From your feedback it sounds like we're on the right track regarding the beta accommodation search, and we'll be sure to take a look at adding contact details such as the operator's address to their profile pages.  If you and the crew find any other functionality missing or on your wish list when conducting a search, don't hesitate to add this to this forum discussion.

Really appreciate all your other feedback too regarding the rest of the new console, and I'll be sure to pass it onto the team for their review.

I'm anticipating further feedback regarding the beta accommodation search and look forward to hearing everyone's comments.  Thanks again for taking the time submitting your feedback!

Liking the look and feel of the new site. Anne-Marie has offered up some valid points. I'd like to add a few items for your consideration:-

Can't see that it states an age range for children and infants on the search page just asks for numbers of each adult etc. Could cause issues as everyone has a differing idea of what constitutes a child.

Still have the issue of not being able to book for multiple people i.e. if I wanted to book for 6 people the system doesn't give me a list of accommodations that have multiple rooms for 2 people. Only lists those businesses that each room can accommodate 6 people so this can be limiting.

Love the ability to be able to override the minimum night stay but feel that the warning in red is not enough. Is it possible, when overriding this, that a drop down, warning check box appear stating that you are about to override the minimum stay for this accommodation.

Will keep going back and forth and offer up more suggestions as and when I find them.



Hi Liz,

Thank you for your feedback.

We have raised an internal point regarding the children. Bookeasy has a default of less than 2 is an infant - 2-12 is a child, so we will incorporate a tool tip.

The issue of multiple bookings is not easy as there a many different behind the scenes scenarios that need to be mapped out and worked on to allow for this. Out of interest, do you have any examples of OTA's that currently offer this feature? We would love to check this out to see how they handle this.

The feedback on the min nights is pretty standard across this board and we are leaning towards a popup warning when overriding min nights.

Looking forward to more feedback from everyone!

When looking at accommodation search results' list, have the minimum number of nights (if any) displayed, without having to click on the View button, would save a lot of time - internet can be excruciatingly slow here..


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 Thanks Liz,

The issue there is, the initial search isn't displaying a specific product, so the operator may be offering multiple products with differing minimum nights

Just as a side note also, View doesn't really need to be clicked at all, unless you would like to navigate to the operator page internally. Instead, just click on Book to remain on screen and view each product's Minimum Night restrictions, this might save some time.

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