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When doing a Promo Code through Booking Questions - need to have Rate Plans added as well as Room Types - I had a scenario of a hotel wanting to be involved in a promotion with an offer of Stay 5 Pay 4 nights - and to track it properly wanted the Promo Code and only available to that target audience. 

Couldn't load as a special as nowhere to put the Promo Code.

Good Morning Michelle,

Just looking at this one today, and wondering if it might be better for us to work towards adding a Promo Code option in the Specials area instead?

We have feedback for Booking Questions to include Date Restrictions as well so that these can be applied to Promo Codes, which Specials already has. So if instead of adding Date Restrictions and Room Rate selection into Booking Questions, we could simply add a Promo Code option in Specials which will kill the two birds with one stone?

This would however, mean that Booking Questions still won't have date restrictions, do you think there are many other scenarios where an operator will need to ask a certain question (that isn't a promo code) over a certain date range only, as opposed to a particular room or rate type?

*Bookeasy Staff Only # 6993*

Thanks Brittni, although not all accommodation specials require a Promo Code so this would need to be optional.  This will also only assist accommodation providers not Tour Operators.

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