Software Release 15/05/2023

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.


Gift Vouchers

New functionality has been introduced to allow booking centres to sell gift vouchers online and via the staff console.  In addition, guests are able to redeem gift vouchers online and via the staff console.

You may set up fixed value and/or custom value gift vouchers.

For existing Point of Sale clients, gift voucher functionality is incorporated into your POS.

For centres without Point of Sale, a simplified version of POS allows you to sell gift vouchers.

A webinar will be presented on May 24, 2023.  Click here to register for this webinar.

Point of Sale Service Fees

    Centres who use Point of Sale are now able to set up service fees, similar to booking fees which are         
    available for accommodation, tours and other bookable product.  The fees may be a percentage or a fixed 
    amount.  Please contact Bookeasy Support to set up your fees.

Bug Fixes:

Discount Voucher Promotion Payments with no Promo Code (19521)

A change was made to Discount Vouhcer Promotions when no promo code is configured.  Discount Voucher payments are now added to the itinerary as expected..