Software Release 31/01/2023

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.


Itinerary and Operator Search Page Facelifts!

Two of the most viewed pages of the Bookeasy staff console have a new look! Rest assured that no functionality has changed, we have just modernised the existing pages.

The New Itinerary Page

The New Operator Search

Bug Fixes:

Old bookings still coming up on New Online Bookings in the To-Do List (18527)

Old bookings will no longer appear on the “New Online Bookings” section of the To-Do List in both the Bookeasy Room and Tour operator consoles. Only bookings made in the last 7 days will appear under the New Online Bookings section.

Make the Booking Status Confirmed in Room Manager for OTA bookings & for the Customised Letters to be sent out automatically (19009)

When an operator is using Room Manager, any bookings made via ResOnline that will drop into the Room console will automatically be tagged with the Confirmed status instead of the old logic where it was set with the Reserved status.

Letter is being sent out even after a booking is cancelled (19109)

There was an issue reported where some automated custom letters ignore the booking status parameter resulting in the custom letters still being sent to a cancelled booking. This should now be fixed and a cancelled booking should no longer receive custom letters unless the parameter says so.

Booking Flags not displaying when using Reservations Search (19126)

Visitor centre staff should now be able to utilise the “Follow Up Flag” filter when running the Reservations Search. This should enable the staff to see first the bookings with expired flags or future flags.

Operator Remittance formatting issue in Chrome (19139)

The formatting of the remittance advice pdf was broken when accessing it using Google Chrome. This should now be fixed, and the spacing and page breaks should neatly format the remittance advice as per normal.

‘Units Tab’ in Room Manager product not appearing when logging in via Bookeasy Staff Console (19193)

Due to user access level restrictions, the Units tab in the Rooms and Rates section was not accessible when a user logged into the Room Manager console via the impersonation method.  The Units tab will now be visible to an authorised user when they login via this method. Note that the Units tab is only available to Room Manager operators, not Bookeasy Rooms operators.

Error when viewing Remittance Advice for 2 or more operators (18763)

Visitor centre staff should now be able use the “Operator” filter when trying to view 2 or more operator remittances.

Introduce an Archive Function for Customised Letters (19039)

Operators were unable to delete/archive custom letters that were no longer in use as they were attached to existing bookings. Operators should now be able to Archive existing custom letters even when it is associated with an existing booking.

Remove pending refunds icon for bookings without a refund pending (19190)

Resolved an issue for those using the Bulk Refund functionality where some bookings that do not require refunds have the “Pending Refund” icon.