Software Release 26/05/2022

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Multi-product itinerary for a single operator would duplicate Arrival Date for downloadable PDF [#17249]

An issue was reported where the arrival date for a package would be incorrect if there was a non-]package booking on the same itinerary. The incorrect arrival date would only display on the PDF that is available directly after making the booking. This would not affect the actual arrival date nor would it display on emails sent out to guests and operators.

AU Country code defaulting for NZ [#17571]

We have made some updates to ensure that the phone number field defaults to the correct country where the user is from. It should be noted that if there are any issues recognizing the country the user is from, our system will use Australia as a default.

Unable to record partial refund [#17636]

There were some changes made to how payments were being recorded. In some cases where a partial refund was not able to be processed once the booking was made. We have ensured that the system is now able to process these refunds correctly and without error.

Error message when processing 2nd payment for Booking Extras via gateway [#18125]

VIC staff were not able to make payments for Extras that were added to an Itinerary, they could only make payment on the booking amounts. Staff have now been given permission to make payments on Booking Extras.

Error when exporting Operator Returns to CSV [#18146]

Reports that would create a file size that was too large would result in timeouts and errors. We have made improvements to our reporting to allow for greater file sizes to be downloaded.

QTF accredited operators are not being pushed through to the report built via Report Builder [#17146]

We have updated Report Builder with a new field to display whether the operator is accredited or not and their accreditation number.

Filtering operators in the Detailed Payment Breakdown report not working properly [#17618]

The Detail Payment Breakdown report would unintentionally include a particular set of results that were not 

Image Caption on a product level is not appearing on the website [#18118]

An update to the webapi now means that the online gadgets will now display the image captions set on the product level. 

Sporadic Discount Voucher issues certain promotions [#18152]

We have resolved several different issues for different bookings that were a part of a Discount Voucher promotion. This means discount voucher payments against the bookings are now marked correctly, the values on the Manage Promo Codes screen will show the correct and the Promotion Booking Reporting will detail the correct amount used on a booking.