Software Release 10/05/2022

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Support for Guest Console Simple Modifications

When a guests logs in to their console, they can now:

  • Edit guest numbers
  • Insert "other" text-based modification requests

A new booking modification email template has also been created, that will send and advise the changes made to the operator.

Configurable Cancellation and Modification Policies

Requires the "Configurable Policies" module enabled. This will provide you and your operators the ability to configure and activate flexible guest cancellation and modification policies, that automatically output the policy descriptions.

Multiple policies can be configured, and each policy you create provides the option for you to specify its priority in comparison with other created policies, the distribution channels, product types and/or operators the policy should apply to, a selection of predefined policy types that can also be copied and customised, effective date ranges you want your policy to apply within, and applicable check in or start date ranges that could dictate when the policy should apply.

These policies will appear in the terms and conditions for the relevant bookings made, in addition to your general text-based terms.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Enhancements have been made that have streamlined the way terms and conditions display when making bookings. Bookings made through your centre console will no longer display the terms when each product is added to the cart. The terms and conditions are now consolidated and available to view on the shopping cart via a "View Terms and Conditions" link.

Support for configurable policies has also been included so that the correct centre and operator policies always display for each booking added to the cart. Support has also been added to all guest correspondence and beGadgets.

Self Service Guest Cancellation Requests

Guests can now submit cancellation requests when logged into their account, whereby all applicable fees and refund amounts will be calculated and advised to the guest prior to the request's submission. In order for a booking to qualify for self service guest cancellation requests, the booking must have relevant cancellation policies configured and saved on the booking.

For destination partners who use our automated gateway and bulk refunds functionality, guest cancellation submissions will be added to the bulk refund queue, where it can be reviewed by centre staff and for automatic cancellation, with all calculated and applicable administration fees, operator fees and guest refund amounts processed.

New Booking Questions Gadget Parameters

This release sees the introduction of the below gadget parameters that can be implemented on the item details gadget:

  • autoFillQuestionsAlreadyAsked: Default = false. If implemented and set to true, when adding products to an existing shopping cart, any new questions will be pre-filled with the answers already provided in their cart.

  • autoFillAndHideQuestionsAlreadyAsked: Default = false. If implemented and set to true, when adding products to an existing shopping cart, any new questions that have already been answered will be pre-filled (as above) and also hidden.

New Site Booker Gadget

As part of a long term project commissioned by Parks Victoria, development has been completed for a new responsive online booking gadget that will provide guests the ability to view and book campsites on a custom map.

Attribute Icons

Icons that can be applied to an attribute have been upgraded to the Font Awesome Pro 6 icon library.

ATDW Import [#17034]

Resolved an issue with ATDW synchronisation when importing an operator from the ATDW.

ANZ .aba Bank File [#17965]

Upgrades have been made in order to support ANZ .aba bank file format changes.

Ticket Scanning [#17565]

Resolved an issue that prevented multi-day tickets from being scanned after the initial date.

Special Characters [#17952 #18106]

Terms and conditions, booking notes and guest/operator email correspondence should now properly support and display special characters.

getOperatorModDates webAPI Method [#17661]

Resolved a bug that could prevent the incorrect modified date/time from being returned after an operator has made a relevant change.