Software Release 13/07/2021

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Operator Location Overrides [#16580]

Resolved an issue that prevented operators from displaying on returned search results when a location filter was used, if the operator had been assigned an exclusive location override by a linked centre that was not the operator's mothership.

One Night Deposit Default Payment Option [#16529]

Destination partners who offer a one night deposit payment option via their website's booking gadget can now set this option as the default payment option (Guests will still be able to select to pay in full). Contact Bookeasy Support should you wish to apply this as the default payment option.

Disabled Gateway Payment Options [#16601]

When recording a payment and selecting a payment type, disabled payment gateways that were once used will no longer display. This also resolves an issue that could cause gateway payments to fail when submitted, if a new payment gateway was configured to supersede a previously used gateway payment option that has since been disabled.

Alert Text Amendments on Upload Images Page [#16598]

Amended the info alert text displayed on the screen that accommodation operators use to manage their standard property images, so that it no longer references tours and redirects them to the correct page for managing images for their products.

Online Package Bookings [#16593]

Resolved an online gadget issue that would incorrectly display “The total people selected is greater than then package setup allows” text for a package, even if the package was still bookable on the gadgets and the number of people selected was within the accepted constraints of the package's configuration.

Voiding Retail POS Sales [#16576]

The ability to void a retail POS sale has been removed due to issues it would cause regarding reporting, auditing and payment reconciliation considerations. Voiding retail POS sales was a rarely utilised function, with the accepted standard practice to instead reverse a retail POS sale by returning the items via the retail POS screen.

Rezdy Booking Question Answers [#16562]

Improved the formatting of booking question answers sent to Rezdy via Bookeasy's Partner Connection API, trimming whitespace in order for the answers to be correctly parsed into the correct fields inside the Rezdy supplier's system.

Tour Operator Reservations Calendar [#16542]

Resolved an issue that could prevent tour operators from accessing the reservations calendar for the year 2022.

Manually Reconciling Payments [#16502]

Fixed a bug that would prevent a payment from being flagged as reconciled within our database (and therefore impact operator returns), in the event the user reconciled the payment by manually applying a reconciled date to the payment, as opposed to reconciling the payment via the Payments Today screen.

Editing Returns Before Processing [#16502]

Resolved an issue that was incorrectly displaying promotion details when editing a non-promotion booking's return, before processing the return.

Accom Search "Quick Search" [#16477]

Modified the Centre (Staff) Console's Accommodation Search "Quick Search" function, so that if a Location, Accom Type or Facility auto-complete result is selected, it will no longer perform an additional keyword search (as this would cause unintended results based on the auto-complete option selected).

Promotions Booking Report CSV Export [#16345]

Fixed a bug that prevented the Promotions Booking Report from exporting.

Fully Discounted Itineraries [#16265]

Resolved an issue that could cause an itinerary's value to display as less than 0.00, if booking question cost adjustments were applied that resulted in the itinerary being fully discounted.

Tour Product Min Capacity [#16245]

Optimised and clarified the logic when configuring a tour product's minimum capacity and auto confirm options.

Client Console Bookings [#16539]

Resolved a bug whereby products that were flagged as not being bookable online might still display on the client console's booking gadgets.