Software Release 28/06/2021

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Edit Accommodation Product Screen Upgrade [#16077]

The accommodation Operator Consoles have received a facelift when editing products. The same familiar settings and options are still present, with terminology and layout improvements made. The recently released room images functionality has also been introduced as a new tab when editing accommodation products, centralising many of the configurable options for setting up a product.

Viewing the Expiry Date for Tours & Tickets [#16418]

For tour and ticket products booked that have a configured expiration date, each booking's "Expiry Date" has been exposed in the Centre, Operator and Visitor consoles so they can be seen at a glance by those managing and viewing these bookings.

Affiliate Console Theme Upgrade [#16484]

All Affiliate Console's have been upgraded with new header and left menu themes.

Affiliate Console Reservation Search [#16485]

All Affiliate Console reservation search screens have received a highly requested upgrade. The search screen has been modernised, including additional search filters introduced that will allow affiliates to search their bookings by stay or departure date. The expected commission that affiliates are due to earn will also be displayed, with all search queries optimised and exportable from this new screen.

getAccomFastAvailability WebAPI Improvements [#16302]

Improvements have been made to the getAccomFastAvailability WebAPI method so that the calendar picker on the region gadget correctly returns dates available, in the event the "limitLocations" gadget parameter is used for one or multiple location names.

Trust Monies on Hand Report [#16414]

Resolved a bug that could cause the Trust Monies on Hand report to throw an error when run.

Linking Operator Consoles [#16457]

Improved the logic and resolved some issues when linking operator consoles together via an operator's "Update Other Details" screen in the Bookeasy Centre Console.

PAX Numbers for Package Bookings [#16465]

Improved the internal booking process for packages in order to ensure that correct PAX numbers searched are correctly validated, accepted or rejected based on each package product's setup.

Locations Displayed on the Reservation Search Export [#16494]

Resolved an issue to ensure the correct "Booked By" and "Booking Location" values display when exporting reservation search screen results.

Reservation Search Filter Styling Fix [#16503]

Improved the styling of the reservation search select dropdown filters in order to ensure the select options display above all other user interface elements for increased legibility.

Switching Between Linked Operator Consoles [#16545]

Fixed a bug that prevented switching between linked operator consoles when logged into a standard accommodation, tour or tickets operator console.

Tour Manifest Pickup & Drop-off Locations [#16424]

Resolved an issue that could prevent a booking's pickup and drop-off locations from displaying on the Tour Manifest.