Software Release 23/02/2021

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

New Phone Number Validation for Online Gadget Bookings [#15283]

We’ve been working hard to improve our offerings and one of our first improvements out of the gate this year is our new phone validation functionality.

Enhancements have been made to the online booking gadgets, whereby phone numbers will now be validated during the booking process. The phone field now includes a country code dropdown, providing increased data quality so you can get in touch with your guests easier.

This is also the final piece of the Custom SMS Guest Messaging project released last December.

The majority of our destination partners, including those with Impart Media websites, will inherit this new functionality without any changes required.

On February 8, Bookeasy and Impart Media issued this notice to all destination partners who use a 3rd party developer to integrate Bookeasy's gadget on their destination websites, so they could review the changes and prepare their websites if required.

If you encounter any styling issues on your website as a result of this change, please contact the friendly team at Impart Media at

Manifest Showing Incorrect Booking Question Answers [#14109]

The Accommodation Manifest will no longer display booking questions that are setup as 'None (Alert Only)'.

Cancellation Requests are Getting Sent Multiple Times [#15779]

Resolved an issue where cancellation send requests are being duplicated when clicking the 'Cancel' button multiple times. Also resolved an issue where users are getting a 'Sorry something went wrong' error, due to Operators with empty email address.

Ex-Partner Connected Operators Cannot Access Archived Tours [#15913]

Fixed an issue for ex-partner connected operators, where an exception was thrown when trying to add new tours or accessing archived tours.

Gadget Integration for Operators, Affiliates and Resellers [#15962]

Resolved an issue so that customers will now be able to proceed to the final booking and confirmation gadget without encountering a page error, on Operators, Affiliates or Resellers websites that have implemented custom gadget integrations.

Acts content is displaying HTML tags [#15974]

Fixed an issue on Acts content where literal HTMLs were being displayed on itinerary documents.