Software Release 09/02/2021

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Two Decimal Commission % Support for Affiliates [#15199]

Applied support and appropriate validation for 'Commission %' settings, so they can be set to two decimal places for Affiliates (if required), ranging between 0% to 99.99%.

Custom Permit Letter Adjustments [#15934]

Updated and added additional information to Parks Victoria's custom Permit Letters. The source of the logo displayed now pulls from the “Itinerary Logo” uploaded via their Bookeasy Staff Console.

Custom Terms & Conditions Email, and PDF Adjustments [#15933]

Applied adjustments on Parks Victoria's custom Permit Letter Cancellation Policy: Added 'Tours and Tickets general conditions', configured 'Cancellation Policy' appearance, and the source of the logo displayed now pulls from the “Itinerary Logo” uploaded via their Bookeasy Staff Console.

Parks Victoria Acts Content Displaying HTML to Guests [#15921]

Fixed an issue on Parks Victoria's itinerary Permit Letters where Acts content was displaying HTML tags to guests.

Linked Availability Checks Error Fix [#15914]

Resolved an issue when booking accommodation product online, where the booking process would incorrectly check for linked tours, as well as linked rooms, thereby causing an error in some edge cases. Adjustments have been made in order for that process to verify the product type, so that linked availability checks for accommodation products will skip the process of checking for linked tours/events, and only ever check for linked availability for room products for the operator being booked.

Manually Re-adding Booking Fee Not Applying for 'Add Other Booking' [#15843]

Fixed an issue where cancelled booking fees that had been applied to bookings made via the "Add Other Booking" method, would not re-apply if the user attempted to apply the fee again.

Single Digit Date Package Bookings [#15752]

Resolved an issue where an error could occur when booking packages that have single digit day/month start dates selected.

Car Hire Rate Calendar Month Labels [#15796]

Applied changes on the car hire operator console rate calendar, where the Month labels are now visible.

Editing Bookings with Additional Vehicle Entry Passes Applied [#15909]

Applied a fix when editing a booking, where National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia vehicle entry passes were being re-added, even though they had already been applied to the booking.

Tour Manifest is Showing the Incorrect Pax Total by Multiplying the Number of Pax [#15944]

Fixed an issue with the operator console Tour Manifests that caused incorrect Pax totals calculations.

Day of Departure Tour Package Bookings [#15932]

Resolved an issue where the user was not able to book packages on the day of departure, if the 'Allow Tours To Be Booked On Day Of Checkout' option was enabled on the package's configuration.