Software Release 27/01/2021

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Update 'Payment Express' to 'Windcave' [#13538]

The 'Payment Express' brand name has been updated to 'Windcave'. Changes have been applied on Visitor Centre, Tour Manager and Room Manager 'Gateway Type' drop downs found on all Credit Card & Payment Options screens.

POS Report [#15708]

Fixed the issue on the Retail Sales Breakdown query where reports were not being tallied correctly.

Exporting Operator Returns [#15723]

Fixed an issue on generated "view-and-record-return.csv" report where 'BookDate' column was returning '1/01/0001 12:00:00 AM' for all bookings.

Booking Engine Embed Maps [#15732]

Updated booking engine maps from the Google Maps JavaScript API to the Google Maps Embed API.

Booking Details and Payment Details Don't Display [#15741]

Resolved an issue on Booking Gadget where 'Booking Details' and 'Payment Details' section were not being loaded when booking certain products.

Modified Booking Not Sending Emails to Guests [#15770]

For bookings that has been modified (e.g. change of Arrival Date), reservation cancellation and confirmation emails should now be generated and sent to guests when enabled.

When Booking Multiple Packages, Booking Questions Not Saving [#15777]

Fixed an issue on the Bookeasy Staff Console's Itinerary/Shopping Cart screen where answered booking questions were not being saved after revising the changes.

Cancellation Requests are Getting Sent Multiple Times [#15779]

When cancelling a reservation from a Client Console, guests will no longer be able to click the 'Cancel' button multiple times, therefor preventing duplicate reservation cancellation emails from being sent.

OBE URL Enhancements for Displaying Specific Product/s [#15781]

Enhancements have been made to the Operator Booking Engine (OBE). Operators now have the ability to generate OBE url links that filter and display specific products only.

Descriptions Not Showing for Online Bookings [#15786]

Resolved an issue where car hire product descriptions were not being displayed if the booking was processed online through gadgets.

Bookings Made Outside of a Package's Valid Dates [#15789]

Fixed an issue that allowed packages to be booked outside of their Available Date Range.

Operator Booking Confirmations Not Confirming in Staff Console [#15797]

Resolved an issue where bookings weren't displaying as confirmed in the Bookeasy Staff Console, if it had been confirmed by the operator via their operator console.

Car Hire Error [#15807]

Fixed an issue on car hire availability where available vehicles wouldn't display once a booking was made. After the fix, vehicles will only be delisted once they were fully booked.

Gadget Error Messages [#15850]

Resolved an issue on where an 'undefined' error may display on the online gadgets, due to a constraint on the product. The 'Undefined' error message was enhanced so that it displays a user friendly error message in the event of a constraint on the product preventing the booking being made.

Email History Slowness [#15875]

Improved the search results return on Email History. Validation was also added when search filters are not provided and when searching reports that are two years past.

Add Guest Contact Details to Accommodation, Tour & Ticket Manifest CSV Exports [#14339]

Guest contact details are now included on all accommodation, tour and ticket manifest CSV exports.

Package Reporting [#15295]

Resolved a bug that prevented Package Reporting from displaying certain products