Software Release 17/11/2020

Bookeasy deployed the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Bookeasy Staff Console Operator Search [#15701]

The Bookeasy Staff Console's "Operator Search" name field can now also search using an operator's unique Bookeasy operator ID.

Bookeasy Staff Console Reservation Search [#15698]

When the reservations keyword search runs, at times (1/50 times) the SQL server could choose an incorrect path, where it would then locate the data the slowest way possible, resulting in a timeout which displays an error page. Improvements have been made to the SQL Server queries run in order to prevent this from occurring.

In addition, you can now use the keyword search to search mobile phone numbers.

Fareharbor Partner Connected Product Mapping Enhancement [#14223]

Upgrades have been providing additional options to map and sync seasonal products fetched from Fareharbor's API via Bookeasy's partner connection API.

Due to the nature and options Fareharbor’s API provides, when Bookeasy connects an operator, by default it is necessary to currently scan an operator’s products "one week from now”, "one week 3 months from now”, and "one week 6 months from now”. This allows Bookeasy to obtain a Fareharbor operator’s products for connection to Bookeasy.

Due to API constraints, once a week from the date of an operator’s connection, Bookeasy repeats this process in order to automatically refresh and remove products no longer active, and will also identify any new products available for connection.

In addition to the above:

  1. Once a day, Bookeasy will scan and indicatively store the rates and availability of a Fareharbor’s operator’s connected products for a default period of 6 months.

  2. Every hour, Bookeasy will scan and indicatively store the rates and availability of a Fareharbor’s operator’s connected products for the next 7 days.

This allows a connected Fareharbor operator’s product to appear in product searches, where once selected, a live, real-time quote for rates and availability is provided during the booking process.

Due to the general API constraints that requires the initial connection process outlined above, there are at times circumstances where a Fareharbor operator may create seasonal product that is only available for a period of time that is outside of the “week from today”, “week 3 months from now” and “week 6 months from now” scan period. As a result, these products are missed and unable to be connected.

In order to provide a solution to this problem within the confines of the API constraints imposed, Bookeasy now has the ability to apply custom date ranges to the periods synced between systems, in order to identify seasonal products so they can be connected.

This new process can be applied on a case by case basis per Fareharbor operator by contacting Bookeasy Support, where they can be advised of the date range/s the seasonal product has been made available for, so that the custom date range (or ranges) can be applied to the operator’s partner connection, and their product/s connected.

Affiliate Booking Engine Image Carousel for Packages [#15489]

The image carousel for packages displayed on the Affiliate Booking Engine will now include the package's primary image, as well as the product image for each product linked to the package.

Report Builder .XLSX Exporting [#15668]

Exporting report builder reports to excel .xlsx format will now correctly encode value properties to their correct type, negating the need for the user to manually format decimal/integer data fields via excel.

Itinerary Screen Booking Buttons [#15618]

The "Add a Room", "Add a Tour" and "Add an Event" buttons displayed at the bottom of an itinerary's screen now navigate the user to the current, modern accommodation, tours and activities searches.

Unavailable Packages [#15263]

If a package displayed on the Affiliate Booking Engine's search results is unavailable, the "Book Now" button will now display as "Change Dates".

Bookeasy Tours Console Theme Bug [#15464]

The "Upload Images" and "Booking Questions" pages will no longer incorrectly display the Bookeasy Rooms accommodation operator console theme, when the user is logged in as a Bookeasy Tours tour operator console.

Fully Paid Reservations [#15642]

Resolved a bug that could cause an itinerary from being marked as fully paid, if the reservation had been booked with a booking question cost adjustment applied.

PDF Tickets [#15647]

The term "Bookeasy" has been removed from PDF tickets sent to guests.

Itinerary Totals for Multiple Cost Adjustments [#15669]

Resolved an issue that could cause the total amount for an itinerary to be incorrectly displayed, in the event a reservation had been booked with multiple booking question cost adjustments applied.

Accom Package Product Max Night Restrictions [#15679]

Packages that include both accommodation and tour products will now correctly honour and maximum night restrictions, if enabled by the accommodation operator of a package's linked product.

Client Console Payments [#15699]

The Bookeasy logo has been removed from the payment window popup displayed to guests when they pay for bookings via the Client Console.

Promotion Booking Fee Variance [#15703]

Discount Voucher promotion bookings made online with multiple percentage booking fees, will no longer record and save a $0.01 variance between the sum of payments and the sum of all booking/sales on the itinerary.

Multiple Bookable Operator Categories [#15704]

Bookings via the Bookeasy Staff Console's Activity Search will no longer be prevented if the operator has been assigned multiple bookable operator categories (i.e. tours and events/tickets).

Operator Membership Dates [#15687]

The "Date Paid" and "Date Paid To" fields for an operator in the Bookeasy Staff console's "Update Other Details" screen can now be correctly saved.

WebAPI getOperatorInventoryAvail [#14986]

The getOperatorInventoryAvail Bookeasy webAPI method will no longer display availability for products that have been archived by the operator.

Operator Console To Do List "New Online Bookings" [#15645]

The "New Online Bookings" To Do bookings list in operator consoles previously contained a condition that would not display a booking if the room had been allocated. That condition has now been removed. As a result, bookings will display in the "New Online Bookings" To Do list until it has been opened and viewed by the logged in operator/user.

Report Builder PaymentSplitTime [#15684]

The report builder's Payments.PaymentSplitTime will now display in the correct format when viewing report results.

"Book Internally Only" Tour Manager Product [#15625]

Tour Manager tour product set to "Book Internally Only" will no longer get returned as a bookable product within the Bookeasy Staff Console's activity search. Standard Bookeasy Tour product set to "Book Internally Only" will continue to be bookable via the Bookeasy Staff Console's activity search.

Booking Questions Packages Display Bug [#15685]

Resolved an issue that could prevent booking questions from displaying to guests on the beGadgets when packages are booked online.

Importing Partner Connected Rate Types [#15075]

Resolved an issue that could prevent Reezy and Fareharbor rate types from automatically activating when imported into Bookeasy.