Software Release 28/10/2020

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

Bookeasy Promotions

  • New Manage Promo Codes screen
    Itineraries now include a new "Manage Promo Codes" link that will show a screen that displays all promo codes applied to an itinerary's bookings. Booking Centre staff can use this screen to apply new promo codes to an existing itinerary, and view or delete promo codes already applied. Staff can also recalculate and reset all applied promo code discounts across all eligible bookings on an itinerary via this new screen. Discount eligibility and amounts will be recalculated based on each applied promotion's current configuration.

  • Editing Bookings
    Bookeasy will now automatically recalculate eligible discounts when promotion bookings are edited or modified. If the promotion discount has been applied as a Discount Voucher payment, Bookeasy will automatically apply and adjusted payment or refund based on the modifications made to the booking.

  • Cancelling Bookings
    Cancelling a promotion booking that has a Discount Voucher payment applied will now automatically refund the Discount Voucher payment that was applied to the cancelled booking. Further details regarding the updated cancellation process can be viewed here.

  • Better contextual information is now displayed to booking centre staff and guests when a promo code cannot be validated when applied. Bookeasy will now displaying the reason why a promo code is unable to be validated, if and when a promo code is rejected.

  • If you add a booking to an existing itinerary that has a promo code applied, Bookeasy will automatically calculate if the new booking being added is also eligible for a discount, and apply it.

  • Booking Centre Staff can now reactivate Passcreator promo codes via the new "Manage Promo Codes" screen on an itinerary. Deleting a promo code from ALL applied bookings will trigger the reactivation, including an automatic system email to the guest, advising them it has been reactivated. Passcreator promo code reactivations will only occur if the Passcreator voucher/pass has not expired.

  • Improvements have been made to the way promotion Discount Voucher payments are allocated. Automatically applied Discount Voucher payments will no longer allocate to booking fees, amendment fees, bonds, etc. They will only allocate their funds to the eligible bookings on an itinerary.

Auto Allocation of Rooms [#15100]

Resolved an issue preventing the auto allocation of a room type's unit when a reservation is made, in the event the room has availability of one (1) only.

Displaying Packages on the Affiliate Booking Engine [#15364]

Corrected the styling of how packages are displayed on the ABE so that they display within their expected borders, so as not to span the full width of the page.

Booking Total Values on Multi Booking Itineraries [#15369]

For multi booking itineraries made by Bookeasy Booking Centres, resolved an issue that may have displayed the "Booking Total" incorrectly when an operator viewed their booking. It will now display the correct value, as opposed to the sum of all bookings on the Booking Centre's itinerary.

Rezdy Partner Connection Sync Improvements for Tour Occurrences [#15540]

Improvements have been made to Bookeasy's partner connection with Rezdy, so that when a full refresh occurs in Bookeasy for a Rezdy operator, Bookeasy will now set the indicative availability to zero (0) for any tour occurrences that return no data for the refresh period being synced.

OBE & ABE <iframe> Improvements [#15474]

Improvements have been made to Bookeasy's Operator Booking Engine and Affiliate Booking Engine in relation to recent cookie restriction security upgrades implemented by modern web browsers. These improvements ensure OBE and ABE's implemented on websites within <iframes> can properly function.

Google Map Display on OBE's [#15552]

Resolved an issue that at times prevented the map displaying on Operator Booking Engines.