Software Release 02/03/2020

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Packages Not Including Products [#14323]
An issue was detected where packages had products drop off randomly causing the package to no longer be bookable. It was identified that the cause was Rezdy partner connected tours. This issue being when the tour is updated or changed slightly in Rezdy, they create a brand new Tour ID, this meant we achieve the old and import the new Tour.

Ideally when a tour is updated the same TourID would remain in Rezdy, however as this is not possible and out of Bookeasy's control we have made the following changes.

When a product is changed in a package, the package will now deactivate (meaning it will not show on the website) and an email will be generated to the centres' main email address. An example can be viewed below

Auto-Allocate Function [#14357]
We have released a change for Room Manager customers, where if the Room Manager operator has a room or unit where only one room for each type has been created the booking will be auto-allocated to the reservations calendar. This removes an extra step these operators needed to action.

Livn pickups not working [#14453]
We have resolved an issue where pickup locations were not sending through to the operators Tour Booking system through Livn. We have now updated the XML messages to ensure these fields are sent to the correct location.

Archive Operator Types [#14438]
We have made a change to operator types in Bookeasy. Now when the active box is not checked, the operator type will no longer display in the operator drop-down in the operator setup page. You also have the option to view your archived operator types should you wish to reactive them.

PayPal Payments Failing [#14482]
Fixed a bug where the payment through PayPal was not working correctly in white labelled consoles.

Availability Linking Issue [#14418]
We've fixed an issue where availability links were not working correctly for operators who had mismatched availability numbers.

Auth Gadget Login Issue [#14464]
We have resolved an issue where some affiliates were failing authorisation when trying to login to Booking Centres Website using the authorisation gadget.

Duplicate Booking [#14465]
Resolved an issue that has been found in the console where a ballot was run and some duplicate bookings were made. We have made a change that should stop users from being able to select the same room at the same time.

Cannot Connect Partner Product [#14490]
Resolved an issue that prevented us from being able to map partner connected product.

Special Characters in Room Description [#N/A]

Resolved an issue where if an operator has special unicode characters in their room names or descriptions a channel manager would not be able to connect to the operator, the API simply gave an error. Now the channel manager will be able to connect even with these characters set.