Software Release 19/02/2020

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Bug Fixes:

Operator SMS Notifications for Online Bookings [#14128]
Fixed a bug that was preventing SMS notifications from being sent to operators for online bookings.

Page Load Times for Recording Payments [#14453]
Updated the software responsible for loading the payment page in the Bookeasy Staff Console in order to make it faster, as in some cases the page could take 15+ seconds to load.

Balance Owing Payment Amounts [#14461]
Resolved an issue that prevented the Payment Amount from displaying the correct balance owing on an itinerary, in the event the itinerary already included:

  • prior payments, and; 
  • the value of an existing booking on the itinerary was edited and increased.

Auth Gadget Login [#14464]
Fixed a bug that was preventing some Bookeasy Affiliates from logging into the beGadgets, which in turn was preventing their bookings from being correctly tagged against them.

Editing the Booking Location on an Itinerary [#14378]
We've amended the booking locations functionality in order to ensure the correct booking location is available to be selected and properly saved if it requires to be edited on a pre-existing itinerary.

Operator Setting for Same Day Instant Confirmation [#14237]
Resolved an issue that prevented operators from enabling/disabling the setting that controls whether an operator is instantly bookable for same day bookings.

Total Paid Value for Credit Affiliate Bookings [#13165]
Resolved an issue that caused the total paid value for an itinerary to display as $0.00 for bookings made by credit affiliates (affiliates who collect payment themselves).

Charging Commission on Operator Cancellation Fees [#14445]
Resolved an issue that prevented commission from being charged on operator cancellation fees for centres who have this function enabled.

Bank of New Zealand Bank File [#14443]
BNZ requires a specially formatted bank file which includes the date at which the payments are to be processed by the bank. We've updated the "Batch Due Date" so that it reflects the date the bank file is downloaded.

Bookeasy Rooms Console Top Menu [#14340]
Fixed a bug that was preventing the Bookeasy Rooms console's top menu from displaying on the Daily Rates screen when a Bookeasy Centre was logged in impersonating via the Bookeasy Staff Console.

Inactive Rezdy Activities [#14348]
Resolved an issue that caused inactive Rezdy partner connected activities to display on the beGadgets.

Direct Connect Commission Values [#14355]
Fixed a bug that was causing the system to save and store a 0% commission when bookings were made via destination partners on the Direct Connect payment model.

Operator Commission Levels Report [#14358]
Resolved an issue that resulted in incorrect commission values to display for some operators on the Bookeasy Staff Console's "Commission Levels Report".

Retail Cash Sales Displaying on Exception Report [#14366]
Resolved an issue that had retail cash sales appearing on the itinerary exception report if the retail sale value was not an exact denomination of 5 cents.

Channel Manager API Room ID's [#14242]
Fixed a bug that prevented an accommodation operator's Room ID from being sent through the Channel Manager API if the booking made originated via the Bookeasy Distribution Network.

"Booked By" Filter Values for New Room Manager Reservation Search Page [#14434]
Resolved an issue whereby the values displayed in the "Booked By" dropdown included values for all Room Manager operators, instead of that particular operator.