Content & Connection

What the operator needs to do within FareHarbor to get connected?

Tour Operators will need to connect their products to the chosen Booking Centre (s) via FareHarbor (FH). The FH Support team can assist.

What data does get imported?

Pending FareHarbor has the relevant data, Bookeasy’s connection to FH will import:

  • Any basic business information that doesn’t currently exist in an operator’s beTours console. If the operator’s beTours console already has data, FH will not override it.
  • Images, inclusive of standard images and specific tour product images.
  • The online booking status of an operator, set as Gold Medal (instantly bookable).
  • The operator’s list of tours, by importing the tours provided by FH and creating them in the operator’s beTours console.  This is inclusive of all tour details, description, rate types, rate values, availability, occurrences, etc.
  • Booking questions & pick up locations

Does Bookeasy update product descriptions and images if the operator update these fields in FareHarbor?
No. Tours descriptions and Tour images are not automatically updated after the first mapping has been done. If the operator change these fields in FareHarbor, this needs to be done in Bookeasy directly also.

Can any FareHarbor operator be integrated into Bookeasy?

Operators that have highly customised rate combinations/pricing options may not be able to be integrated. Depending on their set up, Bookeasy might be unable to match against our standard rate types (Adult, Child, Infant, Student, Concession and Observer).

Can a FareHarbor operator offer ‘on request’ products?

No, Operators connected via FareHarbor can only have gold medal (instant confirmation) products. Anything imported via FH is treated as gold medal.

If the Operator offers ‘on request’ product via FH, we highly recommend to not link these products as they will be imported as gold medal. If the Operator and the Centre would still like to offer ‘on request’ products, a brand new console needs to be created for on request only (not linked to FH).

When an Operator adds a brand new Product in FareHarbor, is there anything we need to do to import this across to Bookeasy?

Yes, this is not automatically imported to Bookeasy. Booking centres/Operators will need to contact Bookeasy Support to get the new Product imported.

Note: If an Operator adds a new time/occurrence to a currently connected Product, this is automatically imported to Bookeasy when the daily refresh happens  (so it can take up to 24hrs to appear in Bookeasy).

I’m seeing a number of Booking Questions that aren’t relevant to our centre or website’s booking process.  Can I disable them?

These questions can be disabled by logging into the operator’s Bookeasy console and navigating to Setup > Booking Questions.
For each selected question there are Form Fields that represent the individual questions that will be presented during the booking process.  Click Disable for any questions you wish to hide, then Save Changes. Please work with the operator to ensure you are not disabling questions they require to be completed.

The Operator has a few different consoles in Bookeasy but only one FareHarbor account, how they can be mapped?

A Tour Operator’s FareHarbor account can only be linked and mapped to one Bookeasy Tours console.

Can we have any issues if we change the Bookeasy Password for a FH Operator?

No, the password is not linked to this connection.


Sometimes when I attempt to book an available tour, it’s all of a sudden unavailable when I add it to the shopping cart. Why?

Every time a tour’s specific product is viewed and/or added to the shopping cart, FH's interface allows Bookeasy to retrieve the most up to date cost and availability, inclusive of any fees the tour operator has included with their tour product. Due to certain restrictions and limitations regarding FH's supplied interface, when viewing search results it should be noted that a tour’s rates and availability is cached and updated once a day.

For example, this means there might be edge cases where an operator is showing up as unavailable, but when you view their individual product they actually display as being available (or vice versa).

How long does FareHarbor connection update an operator’s availability for?

By default a FH's operator’s availability calendar is updated for the next 90 days.
Why 90 days? Updating availability for 90 days reduces load on FH's API and makes the interface run faster.  In addition, the majority of tours booked via FH are booked within 7 days of a tour’s start date. This also means that if a tour is only available further than 90 days out, the “Next available date” will display as “N/A”.

If you are a  booking centre who sells seasonal tours and would like to explore the option of extending this 90 day limitation, please contact Bookeasy.

Amendments & Cancellations

Can I amend/change FareHarbor bookings?

Due to certain restrictions and limitations regarding FH's supplied interface, booking centres are not able to amend FH bookings.
If you are required to amend a FH booking, you need to cancel the original booking and make a brand new booking with the amended details.
Note: booking centres are also not able to amend the price for FH bookings.