Software Release 23/10/2019

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.


We've updated the "Letters" functionality for Room and Tour Manager operators so that if they have a letter setup to send upon booking confirmation, the operator's letter will still send when a booking is made via a linked destination partner, even if the linked destination partner has disabled customer emails for that operator.

This provides some ideal benefits for partners such as National Parks South Australia. For example, after disabling the Bookeasy customer emails via their Bookeasy Staff Console, this updated functionality will still allow them to send custom Reservoir Recreational Fishing Permits that were setup using the Tour Manager "Letters" functionality, guaranteeing their customers receive the most applicable correspondence for those bookings.

Bug Fixes:

New Activities Search "Activity Type" Filters [#13988]
In our last release we "may" have accidentally broke the "Activity Type" filter functionality on our new tour and activities search screens. Sorry to all our pilot testers out there! This has now been fixed.

YesBookit Properties Not Displaying on the Region Gadget [#13966]
Resolved an issue that prevented some partner connected YesBookit properties from displaying on the Region Gadget.

Room and Tour Manager "Itinerary" Payments [#13832]
Resolved an issue that prevented the correct payment value from being displayed onscreen for payments made for multi-booking itineraries. The fix ensures that once an "Itinerary" payment is processed, the correct payment values for all bookings that have had payment allocated to them are displayed.

"No. of Vehicles" Car Hire Values [#13851]
Resolved a Bookeasy Staff Console issue whereby the Car Hire search would display an incorrect value for the "No. of Vehicles" available. We've adjusted the logic in order to ensure the value represents the number of vehicles available for the date range being searched.