Software Release 23/09/2019

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.



Some important and welcome changes have been released as we move forward with this project.  In this release we’ve introduced the following functionality:

  1. Operator Profile Pages
    New tour and activities operator profile pages! These pages display all of an operator’s products, similar to how they display on the new Activities Search screen.

  2. Breadcrumb Navigation
    We’ve introduced breadcrumb navigation. This is especially helpful as users progress and navigate through the booking process.

  3. Filter Events
    A new "Event" Activity Type filter has been introduced into the Activities Search screen. Using this filter will return operators who have been assigned the bookable events operator category. Operators will be displayed in order of instantly bookable -> product name A-Z.

  4. Sort By Availability
    The Activities Search screen now includes a new "Available" Sort By filter. Using this filter will display tour and activity products that have at least one available slot for the date being searched to the top of the search results. Products will display in order of instantly bookable -> product name A-Z. Unavailable products will still be displayed on the search, however they will be pushed to the bottom of the search results.

  5. "Next Available Date" Functionality
    On both the Activities Search screen and the screen that displays a 4 day availability grid for all occurrences, if a user comes across a 4 day preview that has no availability, Bookeasy will now display a "Next Available Date" button. Not only will this button display the next available date, users can also click the button and be taken directly to that date. Further improvements have also been made whereby Bookeasy can now scan 12 months ahead in order to obtain the next available date.

  6. “Best Selling Operators” widget
    The “Best Selling Operators” widget on the Bookeasy Staff Console dashboard will now navigate users to the new tour and activities operator profile pages.

We will continue to work with our pilot testers as we release these next phases, making improvements based on their feedback before releasing to everyone.

Interested in joining the pilot program?  Email and let's chat!

NEW LOOK FOR TOUR MANAGER (Bookeasy's own Tour Management System) 

Tour Manager has a fresh new look and feel! For the full story click here.


Upgrades have been made to the beGadgets in order to improve the online user experience when booking packages. When viewing an individual package, we've now exposed the operator name to make it easier for customers to see who each product relates to, and we now also display each product's description.


Improvements have been made to ensure new YesBookit properties can still be connected in the event YesBookit’s API provides corrupt <lastUpdatedDate> data, or if the operator has no images supplied by YesBookit’s API.


Based on feedback from the Bookeasy Masterclasses we’ve adjusted the font type on itineraries to Arial and have also reduced the font size.


Bookeasy has improved the implementation experience for third party developers so they are now presented with a browser alert on-screen in the event they incorrectly install both the cart gadget and booking gadget on the same page.


For times when booking questions are created requesting that the customer select a pickup time, adjustments have been made so that Bookeasy no longer includes the default 12AM pickup time text as part of the booking question. If this default time is supplied via LIVN's API, the time will be omitted from the booking question.


The Channel Manager Report and all references to Bookeasy's channel Partner "ChannelDirect" have been updated to reflect their new name, "RateGain".

Bug Fixes:

Stock on Hand PDF [#13623]
Squashed a bug that caused an unexpected error when attempting to download the Stock On Hand PDF.

Importing Booking Questions for Rezdy operators [#13522]
Resolved an issue that was preventing Booking Questions from being created when Bookeasy received null PAXType values via Rezdy's API.

Operator Remittance Advice Booking Cost Values [#13620]
Resolved an issue where the booking cost on the Operator Remittance Advice would display as $0 for destination partners on the direct connect payment model.

Errors Viewing Email History [#13628]
Fixed an issue with the email history queries to prevent errors that were caused when both an itinerary number and booking number were identical and recorded within the same destination partner's console.

Guest Confirmation Emails for Direct Connect Bookings [#13663]
Resolved an issue that was preventing confirmation emails from being sent to customers when a 24 hr booking was confirmed by an operator on the direct connect payment model.

Trust Monies On Hand Report Displaying Operator Cancellation Fees [#13693]
Operator cancellation fees were showing on the trust monies on hand report which have now been removed.

Concession Rate Type Auto-Cancellations [#13717]
Online bookings that only included concession rate types were incorrectly auto-cancelling due to pax restrictions. This has now been resolved.

Credit Card Payments via PayPal Hosted Gateway on Google Chrome [#13780]
Resolved a Google Chrome browser issue preventing Room and Tour Manager users from typing into the credit card number field when entering card payments via the PayPal hosted payment gateway.

Room & Tour Manager Payments Displaying as $0 [#13679]
Resolved a Room and Tour Manager issue whereby a booking's recorded payment would incorrectly display as $0 when users hovered over the reservation in their reservations calendar.