Software Release 22/07/2019

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Bug Fixes:

Bookings being stored against affiliate [#13118]
Some clients reported the booked by parameter being set against an affiliate the booking was not directly booked through. This has been resolved and this task is a data fix to amend bookings stored with the incorrect affiliate.

Updates to Freshchat [#13120]

An update was required for the Freshchat feature in Bookeasy.

Filtering Partner Mapping Results [#13134]
A change has been made that allows a user to filter specific operators in the partner mapping area rather than having to load all results.

Seeing other centres bookings via impersonation [#13171]
If an operator had granted you access to login to their member console you could see all bookings made for that operator. The fix means now you will only be able to see your own centres bookings. If logging into the operator console directly with their username and password, all bookings will be accessible.

Error exporting reports [#13340]
When exporting reports from report builder some clients were getting unexpected errors. This has now been resolved.

Stop storing $0 payments [#13342]
Resolved an issue where if a gateway payment failed internally a $0 payment was saved against the booking, however the full booking value was stored causing payment split errors.

Email looping [#13227]
Resolved an issue that caused the BCC email to loop if a failed email address was inserted, we have also resolved an issue to make this function more reliable. 

Incorrect menu item [#13472]
We have resolved an issue where on certain ASPX pages the incorrect menu items where shown, EG showing the tour menu to accommodation operators.

Multiple Braintree auths [#13514]
Resolved an issue where if a booking fails in Resonline, Braintree was trying to take the payment each time the system retried, meaning multiple charges occurred for some clients

Region Gadget Enhancement [#13356]
Yes Bookit operators will now show a from price on the gadgets by default rather than the default book/reserve now.

Report Builder Enhancement [#12436]
We have added the following items to the operator table in report builder.

Partner Connection Name
Channel Manager Name
OBE Link
Operator website