Software Release 10/06/2019

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.



Retail POS users can now easily duplicate a pre-existing retail product item. Duplicating a product items prepends the item name with "Copy of ", and the user is taken directly into edit mode so they can make their changes to the duplicated product item.

Please note that when a product item is duplicated, Bookeasy does not duplicate the stock on hand value, nor does it copy over the product category that the original product was assigned to.


When running a new operator return, if a user decides to edit the commission value of the booking they can now choose whether the commission value they enter is to be saved and stored as the booking's new commission value, or if it is to be only used as the commission value for that single return being run.

Operator Return Commission Overrides


As part of a bespoke project that previously introduced a new editable customer profile page to the Bookeasy Client Console (which provides customers the ability to view and update their personal details), Bookeasy has introduced functionality that will allow a guest to view the details of a booking, and edit the answers to some of the booking questions they answered for a booking.

If a booking question is edited and saved, Bookeasy will automatically resend a fresh booking notification to the customer using the customer’s saved email address.

This bespoke project has been co-funded by Parks Victoria and National Parks South Australia. The functionality can be enabled on request via a Bookeasy add-on module.

Please note that booking questions that are associated with a linked action such as a cost adjustment or product add-on will not be editable via the client console.

Bookeasy Client Console Enhancements


Bookeasy has continued working on the new and improved tour and activities search. The new search screen has a main focus in speed, providing Staff Console users the ability to load and find specific tour and activity products faster than ever before.

For those of our destination partners with preview access, as a result of this release:

  • You can now click on a product image to advance to the operator's profile page.
  • Cache adjustments resulting in speed improvements.

There's still much work to be done, with upcoming features to include new operator and product profile pages, the inclusion of bookable event products into the activity search, full custom rate type compatibility for partner connected tours, and upgrades to the beGadgets so destination websites can also benefit from these improvements.

Bookeasy's New Activities Search with Availability Preview


When creating/editing an affiliate (agent), a Business Name is now mandatory.


When creating or editing a room setup, accommodation operators can now set a default rate or bond that includes up to 2 decimal places if desired.


Bookeasy's Web API now includes a Bookeasy package's description content when the getPackageDetails Web API method is used.

Bug Fixes:

Tour and Event Booking Fees [#12989]
Resolved an issue to ensure the correct fee type is associated to a booking, depending on the product category of the booking (accommodation, tours, ticketed events).

Tour Booking End Dates [#13017]
Resolved an issue to ensure that the end date for a tour booking does not span multiple days and equals the start date.

Trust Monies on Hand Report[ #13055]
Adjusted the query responsible for calculating the report in order to ensure booking cancellation fees are not included on the report.

Stock on Hand Report Nett Cost [#13176]
Resolved an issue that was causing the Nett Cost value to display as $0.00. The report will now display the correct value as per the product item's setup.

Reservation Search Operator Name Filter [#13121]
Resolved an issue that was preventing operator names from being updated in the operator name search filter if an operator had edited/updated their business name. Please note that changes made are updated overnight.

Option 1 Operator Returns Payout for Part Paid Bookings [#13178]
Resolved an issue in order to ensure that when an Option 1 operator return was calculated for a booking that has been part paid, the operator payout does not exceed the sum of the part payment allocated and commission earned.

Downloading Itinerary PDF Summaries [#12475]
Resolved an issue that caused an error when downloading an itinerary's PDF summary, when downloaded using a legacy browser such as IE 11.