Software Release 29/05/2019

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.



Bookeasy has continued working on the new and improved tour and activities search. The new search screen has a main focus in speed, providing Staff Console users the ability to load and find specific tour and activity products faster than ever before.

For those of our destination partners with preview access, in this release we've:

  • Enhanced the activities search screen's page by introducing Availability previews for each product.
  • Users can now quickly view whether a product has available tickets or not for a given day, directly from the activities search screen.
  • Users can also easily scroll dates forward (or back) in order to preview the availability of adjoining dates.
  • Hovering your mouse pointer over the "BOOK" button for any given date will reveal a tooltip displaying the number of seats available for that day.

There's still much work to be done, with upcoming features to include new operator and product profile pages, the inclusion of bookable event products into the activity search, full custom rate type compatibility for partner connected tours, and upgrades to the beGadgets so destination websites can also benefit from these improvements.

Bookeasy's New Activities Search with Availability Preview


Bookeasy has introduced a brand new text field within the Finance Administration page of the Bookeasy Staff Console called "Operator Commissions Payment Policy".  Using this field, centres can input their payment terms and policies for the operators they make and take bookings for.

The payment policy entered is displayed to linked operators via the Online Booking Control screen of their Bookeasy Operator Consoles.


Bookeasy has updated the messaging provided to operators via all Operator Consoles in order to clarify the opportunities and terms when opting into the Bookeasy Distribution Network.


Bookeasy has added each retail product's Nett Cost to the Stocktake and Stock History reports. The nett cost will also appear on each report's CSV and PDF export.


In order to provide additional transparency when searching for affiliate (agent) bookings via the Bookeasy Staff Console, users can now select the affiliate's business name via the "Booked By" search filter.

In addition, the affiliate's business name will also be the displayed value in the "Booked By" column when viewing reservation search results.

It’s worth noting that only affiliates that have bookings recorded against them will display in the "Booked By" dropdown.  Bookeasy runs a background service each night that refreshes the "Booked By" filter.  If your affiliate isn’t currently appearing in the dropdown, then in order for it to appear the following is required:

  1. a booking needs to have been made for the affiliate
  2. the background service then needs to run overnight

Once the above is actioned, the next day the user will see the affiliate in the dropdown.


We've enhanced the Bookeasy Web API's getOperatorInventoryAvail method by introducing a new parameter called includeInactiveTours.

When includeInactiveTours is set to true, the tours returned via the Web API will not include archived tours. When includeInactiveTours is set to false, the tours returned via the Web API will include all tours, including archived tours. Note that if the includeInactiveTours parameter is not used with the getOperatorInventoryAvail, the tours returned via the Web API will not include archived tours.

Bug Fixes:

Operator Name Changes When Connected to YesBookit [#12570]
Resolved an issue where the operator's name would be updated to the name supplied by YesBookit when a pre-existing Bookeasy accommodation operator is connected to YesBookit. The fix ensures that the operator name will not be updated should it differ from the name supplied by YesBookit's API.

Affiliate Commissions Report [#12939]
Resolved an issue to ensure that the centres "Your Commission" values displayed on the report always reflects the value stored against the booking made.

Retail Sales Breakdown [#13018]
Adjusted the SQL query responsible for calculating the report in order to ensure Retail POS discounts are calculated correctly when collating the report’s data.

Booking Questions for Partner Connected Operators [#13023]
Resolved an issue to prevent previously disabled booking questions from being re-enabled when a partner connected operator's connection is refreshed in Bookeasy.

Booking Multiple Instances of the Same Tour Product for the Same Day [#13026]
Resolved an issue that in some cases prevented staff console bookings from being made when two of the same tour product was booked for the same day.

Booking Quotes [#13104]
Resolved an issue that in some cases prevented previously recorded quotes made in the Bookeasy Staff Console from being added to the shopping cart.

Partner Connected Operators for Resellers [#12996]
Resolved an issue that prevented partner connected tour operators from appearing in website gadget search results for resellers such as WA Holiday Guide and QLD Holiday Guide.