Software Release 13/05/2019

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.


NEW LOOK FOR ROOM MANAGER (Bookeasy’s own Property Management System - designed for niche accommodation providers)

Room Manager has a fresh new look and feel! For the full story, click here.

Room Manager Console


As part of an ongoing project, Bookeasy has introduced a new editable customer profile page to the Bookeasy Client Console, providing customers the ability to view and update their personal details.

When a change is made, Bookeasy will automatically resend a fresh booking notification to the customer using the customer’s saved email address, and log this on the itinerary's email history. This will only occur if the booking is not cancelled and the departure date is greater than or equal to "today's" date. This will ensure your customers don't get bombarded with emails for past bookings.

The functionality can be enabled on request via a Bookeasy add-on module.


When viewing a reservation made by an Affiliate within the Bookeasy Staff Console, the "Booked By" value will now include the Affiliate's business name for greater transparency. In addition, when a booking is made via the Affiliate Booking Engine, the "Booking Location" will now display as "Affiliate Booking Engine" as opposed to 'Online'.


A new add-on module has been created that, when enabled, will request credit card details from the customer when they attempt to book a 24hr 'on request' operator. Bookings are still saved as unconfirmed bookings, and no payment is processed at the time of booking. The credit card details are securely sent to the payment gateway provider, and the unique token received from the payment gateway provider for the card entered is securely stored in Bookeasy.

As a result, once the booking has been confirmed then destination partners who use this functionality can choose to process payment using the stored details.

Please note that full credit card validation is only conducted by the payment gateway provider at the time the payment is processed.


Bookeasy Staff Console users can now archive staff member logins instead of deleting them. Archiving a staff member login will deactivate the user and disallow them from logging in to Bookeasy. Users can view archived staff members and unarchive them if required, which will reactivate the user's login.


Enhancements have been made between Bookeasy and the YesBookit API in order to display more accurate availability when viewing a YesBookit accommodation operator via Bookeasy's Region Gadget search results on destination partner websites.

Bug Fixes:

Maximum Ages Set for LIVN products [#12604]
Resolved an issue that prevented LIVN products from being added to the cart if LIVN's API specified a maximum age less than 35 years.

Room Manager Tax Invoice New Zealand GST Values [#12954]
Resolved an issue so that the correct GST value is calculated on Room Manager tax invoices for our New Zealand clients.

Operator Returns Print Screen [#13012]
Improvements made to the print screen functionality when viewing operator returns. Printing the screen should now provide a cleaner result.

Add Holidays to Room Manager [#13012]
NSW state holidays have been added to Room manager

Incorrect Commission on linked operator email [#12936]
When linking to operators, the auto email contained the global commission not the override if set, now the correct value will show