Software Release 30/04/2019

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight. Due to Easter and Anzac day public holidays the release is smaller than usual.


Add Breadcrumbs To ABE - #12617

There were no breadcrumbs on the ABE (Affiliate Booking Engine). These have been added for a better user experience.

Cancel Booking Fees On Failed Bookings - #12691
When a booking fails due to failed payment (Insufficient funds, incorrect card number etc) the cancelled booking that is inserted will now automatically cancel the booking fee, resolving an issue with the exception reports for some clients.

Booking Question Cost Adjustments - #12815
Some clients had reported an issue where the cost adjustment total was not correct on the itineraries or doubled up. This will now be resolved

Affiliate Setup - #12877
Resolved the issue clients had reported with by adding a create affiliate button to the my affiliates page and the username and password can now be setup during the process.

Add Logo To Page Not Found - #12927
We have added the appropriate logo for each business on OBE pages where the operator is not found

Reseller Console Reservations Search - #13007
We have improved the reservation search in all Reseller consoles for faster load times.

White Label Bookit - #12930
We have provided a white labeling feature to one of our new partners Bookit

Remove one availability - #12740

We have resolved a bug where the advanced setting of removing one availability no matter how many PAX booked was not working in certain instances