Software Release 11/03/2019

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.



Bookeasy has introduced a new "Quick Checkout" option when making Retail POS sales, turning a Retail POS sale into a two click process!  Processing Quick Checkout Retail POS sales is the perfect solution if you need to make a quick sale without the need to manually enter an amount to pay or tender.  A typical use case is if you're wanting to process a sale quickly without the need for Bookeasy to work out any change owed to the guest.

Retail POS Receipts are also printed (or not printed) automatically, depending on a new "Print Receipt?" setting for Quick Checkout sales.  The default print setting for each Retail POS Register can be set per register, and you will still have the ability to toggle the print receipt setting when processing each Quick Checkout POS sale.

Full documentation on how to make Retail POS Sales, including the new Quick Checkout process can be accessed at


Improvements have been made to the process of linking existing operators to your Bookeasy Staff Console.  Users can now search Bookeasy's database using the operator's Bookeasy Operator ID.  Search results now also include a column to display the operator's Bookeasy Operator ID in order to assist in locating/linking the correct operator when multiple operators with the same name are displayed.

In addition, the "Add a New Operator" text link that appears once a search is conducted has been upgraded to a button, in order to make that option easier to locate on screen.

Full documentation on how to link operator accounts together can be accessed at


Bookeasy has streamlined the ticket scanning process in order to make it quicker for the user to get their scanner ready.  Users will no longer be required to select the event or event occurrence, so that they can commence scanning straight away!

A full guide to scanning tickets at entry to events can be viewed at (see "Scanning Tickets").


For bookings made by a Bookeasy destination partner's affiliate, both the client and operator email notifications now include a new "Booked By" field which displays the Affiliate's business name.  Please note that if no business name has been setup for the Affiliate, this field will not display on the client or operator booking email notifications.


By popular request, Bookeasy has introduced the ability for users to link operator consoles together via the Bookeasy Staff Console.  When operator consoles are linked, it allows the operator to quickly switch between the linked consoles without any need to logout and login between the consoles.

Bookeasy Staff Console users can link operator consoles together by locating the operator via the Bookeasy Staff Console's Operator Search > Update Other Details > Linked Accounts > Add a New Linked Account.  Users can then link an account by searching using the Operator Name or Bookeasy Operator ID, then saving changes.  Help documentation covering the process for linking operator accounts can be viewed at

Prior to this change, this process could only be performed by the Bookeasy Support team.

Bookeasy has enhanced the WebAPI to include the Start Time, End Time and "All Day" flag for "What's On" events created in the Bookeasy Staff Console.  As a result, destination partners who benefit from using a website designed by Impart Media can now utilise this data so that it is displayed on the event calendars and pages displayed on their websites.  3rd party developers can also obtain and use this data at their discretion via the getWhatsOnEvents WebAPI method.


Improvements have been made to the query used for the Payments Exception report in order to ensure payments inserted into the report are rounded to two decimal places.  Prior to this change, the Payments Exception Report would insert the raw payment data into the report, which at times could be inserted into Bookeasy's database with up to 4 decimal places.  This could cause a payment variance to display in the Payments Exception Report (i.e. a variance of $0.0001), even though the user would only see a variance of $0.00 displayed on the screen.  This improvement resolves this scenario so that variances only display if discovered to be less than or greater than $0.01.


Due to recent security changes by Yahoo Mail, Bookeasy has made adjustments to all booking notification emails in order to ensure all clickable buttons and links display.

Bookeasy has improved the internal process of bulk importing retail categories and products supplied by destination partners.  The Bookeasy Support team would often find the supplied spreadsheets would error on import due to incorrectly formatted entries.  Changes have been made to make the error's cause more transparent to the Bookeasy Support team so than can be better equipped to resolve any issues for our destination partners.

BEGADGETS "LOCATION" SEARCH FILTER [#12467, #12549, #8876]
Enhancements have been made to the beGadgets to ensure correct logic in displaying correct locations when the defaultRegionState, forceRegionState, defaultRegionRegion, forceRegionRegion and/or defaultRegionLoc beGadget parameters are used.

When these parameters are used, the locations you see displayed on the beGadget's location dropdown will only be those that fit the following criteria:

  • the location is linked to your Bookeasy Staff Console and enabled, and/or;
  • the location is not linked to your Bookeasy Staff Console, but is linked to an operator who appears in the beGadgets

Bug Fixes:

Retail POS Stocktake PDF Export [#12611]
Resolved an issue that prevented the PDF export of stocktake list retail items.  The fix also ensures that when exported, the retail items are listed in alphabetical order.  Please note that the time required to generate barcodes and download the PDF export document will vary, depending on the number of retail items being exported.

Printing Operator Returns Remittance Advice [#12651]

Further adjustments have been made to the stylesheets of the printable versions of the Operator Returns Remittance Advice, in order to ensure each remittance ends with a page break so that the next operator's remittance commences on a new page.

Processing Retail POS Refunds via Eftpos [#5482]

Resolved an issue that caused incorrect validation when a negative value was entered into the Eftpos "Amount To Pay" field.  This generally occurred if returning POS items for refund, whereby the refund was to be processed via Eftpos.  This fix will no longer prevent a user from charging and completing the return, and will allow the user to enter and save a negative value in the  Eftpos "Amount To Pay" field.

Bookeasy Staff Console Email History [#12515]

Resolved an issue where in some cases unrelated emails were appearing in the email history.  The issue would occur in the event the user navigated to the Email History screen using the Email History link whilst viewing an itinerary.  The issue was caused because the Email History search screen would search for emails that were not only linked to the itinerary number being viewed, but also any emails that matched a booking number identical to the itinerary number.  A fix was introduced to filter out emails that don't have the same itinerary number when navigating from the reservation screen.

Cost Adjustments When Viewing Operator Returns [#12166]
Resolved an issue that was causing the total amount of bookings displayed on screen when viewing operator returns to display incorrectly.  The issue was due to bookings that had a cost adjustment applied, whereby the cost adjustment was not being taken into consideration when the total value of the booking was displayed on the operator returns report screen.

Room and Tour Manager Merge Contacts Issue [#12543]
Resolved an issue that prevented contact records from displaying when a search was conducted in order to send a group email/SMS.  The issue was not system wide and only occurred within a very few consoles.

Commission Values Displayed on Operator Activation Email Notifications [#12249]
Adjustments have been made in order to ensure the correct commission value set for newly linked operators are displayed on the automatic activation emails sent to operators when they are linked to a new destination's Bookeasy Staff Console.