Software Release 06/02/2019

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.



Compliance enhancements have been made to the Operator Remittance Advice for Australian destination partners (also known as Recipient Created Tax Invoices).  Australian Bookeasy destination partners who are registered for GST will find that each remittance advice now provides clarity for which items listed are subject to GST, inclusive of a summary breakdown of the GST, ex GST and incl GST values for bookings, commission charged and net payable to operators.

In addition, Australian Bookeasy destination partners who are registered for GST will find also find that the CSV export for operator returns now includes additional columns providing a line item breakdown of the GST, ex GST and incl GST values for bookings, commission charged and net payable to operators.

Bookeasy has refactored the procedure that calculates and loads accommodation specials when viewed via the Bookeasy Staff Console and beGadgets accommodation search.  This has resulted in making the beGadgets perform a little faster, and more efficiently ensures that the best available rate is provided to the guest if and when two conflicting specials are active at the same time for the product being booked.

As a result, the functionality behind specials now utilises a 10 minute cache.  This means if an accommodation operator edits an existing special, the changes may not appear for up to 10 minutes on the region gadget (i.e. the gadget search that displays multiple accommodation operators).  However, when viewing the Item Details gadget on a specific operator's profile page, and when adding or viewing the product on the cart to finalise a booking, Bookeasy will calculate and display the most up-to-date special configuration and bypass the cache.

Improvements have been made so that when a new Bookeasy Rooms operator console is created as a result of a new YesBookit partner connection, both the "Primary Thumbnail" and "Room Image" slots will now have an image automatically uploaded.  The first image that is uploaded to the "Standard Images" image slot will be the image used.  Prior to this change, no image was automatically uploaded for the Primary Thumbnail and Room Images slots, meaning the centre and/or operator was required to upload an image to these slots in order to complete their setup.


Improvements have been made to Bookeasy's Report Builder that now provide destination partners using the Bookeasy Staff Console the ability to run their reports whilst logged into one of their operators via impersonation.  Any centre staff member who logs into one of their operator's Bookeasy Rooms, Tours or Tickets consoles will now be able to access and run their Staff Console reports.

Bookeasy has upgraded the background emailer service responsible for sending emails as a result of legacy functionality (such as brochure requests and change of mothership email notifications).  When sent, these email will now be sent from, but when responded to the default email address will be that of the Bookeasy centre's email address.

Bookeasy has upgraded the base tour search libraries to a later version of .NET.  Although there is no front-end impact, this upgrade to Bookeasy's infrastructure will ultimately assist Bookeasy in migrating the tour search to AWS.

Bug Fixes:

Emu Run Experience Tours [#12435]
Resolved an issue that prevented this particular partner connected tour operator from having its product added to the cart when booked via the Bookeasy Staff Console.  The fix now ensures that the operator's product can be added to the cart (and therefore booked).

Bookeasy Rooms, Tours & Tickets Consoles [#12474]
Resolved an issue that could provide operators access to edit the departure date for bookings managed by a Bookeasy centre.  The fix now ensures that the departure date for bookings made by a centre will be "view only" in the operator's console.

Mapping YesBookit Accommodation Providers to Bookeasy [#12288]

Resolved a bug regarding the initial setup, partner mapping and merging of YesBookit accommodation providers to pre-existing Bookeasy operators, in order to ensure the process functions on the first attempt.  Prior to the fix, the mapping process would need to be repeated in order for Bookeasy to successfully connect and map a YesBookit accommodation provider to an existing Bookeasy operator console.