Software Release 17/12/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.



Bookeasy is excited to be releasing some major enhancements to Report Builder.  Report Builder now leverages the data supplied by Bookeasy's new Reporting API and includes the following improvements:

  • It's fast!  Report Builder reports are now deployed in the cloud for high scalability and closer access to the caller.  This basically equates to much faster reports.  A typical report speed is less than 5 seconds for reports that previously took greater than 2 minutes to run!

  • Enhanced security!  Similar to the Reporting API, the Report Builder is authenticated with an API access key.  It automagically works behind the scenes, but it's good to know nonetheless!

  • All reports you run via Report Builder can be accessed via Bookeasy's Reporting API.

  • A new "Report Queue" has been introduced, which allows your reports to be run in an orderly fashion.  It also means that large volume reports won't overload the system!  The Report Queue page will display all the reports your organisation has run in the past 24 hours, so whilst your report remains in the queue it will allow you to quickly access or export the report results as many times as you like without the need of running the report again (coming soon you'll also be able to see who ran the report when viewing them in the Report Queue).

  • When editing an existing report in the Report Builder, you can now duplicate reports using the new "Copy Report To New..." button.  This will create a new report by duplicating the report being viewed, and will append the word "copy" to the new report's name.  From there you can make any additional adjustments to be made on your newly copied report, and save your changes.

  • Speaking of saving your changes, with all the advantages of now having Report Builder reports running server-side in the cloud, you will now need to make sure that you save any changes you have made to your report before you run it.  If you've made changes that haven't been saved and try to run your report, your browser will display a prompt letting you know that you need to save your changes before running the report.

  • Want to fire off another report whilst the report you're running is still processing?  You can now do this by clicking the "Run Another Report" button.  This is displayed when you run a report so you can get cracking if you need to run another report (or the same report for different dates).  You can then access the Report Queue to view any reports run previously within the last 24 hours.

  • We now have advanced column sorting when viewing a report's results.  Just click on a column heading to sort a column. The 1st click sorts ascending, the 2nd click sorts descending, and the 3rd click removes the sorting for that column.  You can also sort multiple columns in the same report (awesome, right?!).  The 1st column you select to be sorted takes priority, then the 2nd column selected and so on.

  • Thanks to recent payment split enhancements, POS Retail payments now appear in Report Builder reports.

  • Want to build and run a report that displays bookings yet to be paid?  Now you can, as bookings with no payment allocated can now appear in your reports.

  • Report Builder can now be accessed via your Bookeasy Staff Console's left menu (Reporting > Report Builder).  So no matter where you are, you're just a click away from accessing your reports.

  • As part of the speed improvements we've made, all reporting data is now synced to the cloud so we can get it to you as quickly as possibly when you run your reports.  Something to keep in mind, however, is that new data created in Bookeasy (from new bookings, etc) will need to be synced to the cloud before you can access it via Report Builder.  Most times this will happen pretty quickly, but if you run a report and find it doesn't include some fairly recent data, you now know why!

  • At times you might come across a report you'd like, but Report Builder's capabilities just doesn't cut the mustard.  With that in mind, Bookeasy's development team now has the ability to hard code a report for those reports that are near impossible to create or run using the Report Builder's basic capabilities.  Once created, these reports can then be accessible via Report Builder and Bookeasy's Reporting API.  You won't be able to edit these reports, except for entering in any parameters you might need to define in order to run the report.  We call that a WIN/WIN!

A help guide has also been created and can be accessed at

Due to feedback received, Bookeasy now lists the bookings on an itinerary in order of arrival/start date (in ascending order).  Prior to this change, bookings were listed in order of booking number (ascending).

Additional enhancements have been made to the process of running operator returns:

  • You can now skip the Advanced Return Filters and View & Record Return tabs if desired, and jump straight to saving your operator return by clicking the "Save Operator Return" button that now appears on every tab.

  • The "View & Record" tab that displays a preview of bookings to be included in your return has been refined to assist in speeding up the display of high volume records.

  • You can now adjust the commission value for promotional bookings before you save your return.  

  • Editing a record can now be done by clicking the edit icon for that row's corresponding return record.  A modal popup will display with all relevant information so you can view and edit that record before applying your changes and saving your return.

In the new year, Bookeasy has scheduled additional enhancements in order to speed up the process of applying, saving and viewing your saved operator returns.  This will largely affect high volume destination partners who process thousands of bookings/returns per month.

When an online booking fails the checkout process due to (say) a failed card, Bookeasy advises the customer their booking has failed and records this as a cancelled booking.  Improvements have been made so that cancellation emails are not unnecessarily issued to the operator or guest when this happens.

Adjustments have been made to the size ratios of images display on the Affiliate and Operator Booking Engines.  The previous image size ratios could cause images to be cut off when viewed on the page if the image had been resized as per Bookeasy and Impart Media's recommendations.


Enhancements have been made so that the Bookeasy Support team can manually refresh a Rezdy Tour operator's booking questions if required.

Text adjustments have been made in order to condense and simplify the text that appears under each heading on the Room Manager dashboard's To-Do List. 

Bug Fixes

Itinerary Total Cost Displayed
Fixed an error that could cause an incorrect value to display on the itinerary screen when a cost adjustment is in effect for bookings on the itinerary.

Editing Commission Values Before Saving Your Return
Thanks to the improvements made to the Operator Returns "View & Record" tab described above, we've resolved an issue so that if you adjust the commission or return value before saving your operator return, once saved the adjusted values will be correctly saved and stored. 

YesBookit Rates Displayed on the Item Details Gadget
Fixed a bug that was causing indicative rates to be displayed on a YesBookit operator's profile page gadget (as opposed to real-time quoted rates from YesBookit's API).  This issue only occurred if the YesBookit operator had already been using Bookeasy and had a prior non-YesBookit room setup in Bookeasy.

"Bookings For The Past 30 Days" Dashboard Widget

Resolved an issue so that the correct values for online and internal bookings are displayed for the past 30 days.

Static Data Content Overrides
For those destination partners that use the Override Static Data module in order to update operator locations, descriptions, etc for operators you're not the Mothership for, we've resolved an issue so that your override content is correctly exposed to all eligible fields via the getOperatorsInformation Content API or SJP.

Car Hire Gadget Quantities

Fixed an issue in order to ensure correct quantities as per the operator's car hire availability displays on the Item Details Gadget.

Affiliate Console Itinerary View

Fixed an error preventing itineraries from being viewed via the Bookeasy legacy Affiliate Console.

Affiliate Console Menu Items

Fixed an error preventing top menu items from displaying on some pages within Bookeasy's legacy Affiliate Console.