Development Release 28/11/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.


Legacy & Archived Tours appear in Upload Images via Member Console

Bookeasy has improved the operator console, where archived tours were appearing on the upload images page along with all the operators other tours making it really hard to manage. This now will only show active tours.

Public Holiday Fix (Room Manager)
Room managers reservation calendar showed all state public holidays.  Operators now have the option to set their own public holidays specific to them.

Report timing out
Bookeasy has resolved an issue where some clients could not run the detailed payment breakdown, even when running a single day.

Add to existing client is not working for tickets
Bookeasy has resolved an issue when you had a ticket or package booking in your cart, add to existing client did not show a 'make booking' link like accommodation and tours did.

Increase character for reviews

The character limit on reviews was set at a 1000 character limit this has been extended to 2500 characters to allow for a more detailed review.

Cancelled booking - booking fee payment split allocated before refund has been actioned
Bookeasy has resolved an issue where if you cancelled the booking and fees in the incorrect order you could not provide a refund to the customer due to an unallocated payment 

Booking Fee Payment Allocation for Booking Centre Cancellation Fees
When trying to apply a cancellation fee against a booking fee, you are now able to choose the booking fee to apply the refund against.

Stop Sending XML for "irrelevant" information
Whenever a booking was updated, an XML request was generated to the operators channel manager. This was causing issues where the channel manager did not have systems in place to handle these requests. As such we have now set the system where no XML updates will be generated where payments have been reconciled or a return run on the booking. 

Bug Fixes

Bookeasy Staff Console "Don't show on the website" Option Reverting YesBookit Properties to 24hr Booking Status

Bookeasy has resolved cases where properties imported from YesBookit and created in Bookeasy as brand new operators were being set as a 24hr booking status.

Returns Not Paid Exception report reflects incorrectly when Cost Adjustments are applied

Bookeasy has resolved cases where if bookings included a cost adjustment (positive or negative), once a return was run, the booking would appear on the 'Returns Not Paid' Exception Report with an incorrect Total Cost and Difference

Part paid booking appear as not Paid when a deposit is selected

Bookeasy has resolved cases where if the booking was partially paid, it would show in the reservation list as not paid rather than part paid.

Country not sent to Rezdy
Some customers were collecting country details about guests at the time of the booking. This was not being sent to Rezdy - this has now been resolved.

Payment location not selected

Bookeasy has resolved cases where the default payment location wasn't showing when adding a payment.

Event fees not being correctly
Bookeasy has resolved cases where the event booking fees were incorrectly appearing on the Detailed Payment Breakdown report under the "retail" product type category. This will now display under fees as expected.

Error when running return on legacy returns by operator screen
Bookeasy has resolved an issue where an error was occurring on a legacy returns screen still in use by two of our clients. This page now works as expected.

Book Internally only not working and removing product from internal search (Rezdy)

Bookeasy has resolved cases where if the operator set the book internally only option, it was not working for Rezdy operators.

Making Back end payments Failing and processing refunds failing

Bookeasy has resolved an issue for clients using the custom self managed operator add-on, where if an operator added an extra to the booking or changed it somehow, the totals on the Staff console itinerary screen was showing the incorrect figures, causing a red error warning within the booking.

Cancelling promo bookings figures are incorrect
Bookeasy has resolved an issue for clients when cancelling a booking where a promo exists, the amended figures were not calculating correctly. 

Google Maps API Key Implementation is not applying to the consoles internally
Bookeasy has resolved the issue where the google maps internally through the staff console showed the Google Map "in developer mode". This will now display as per normal if you have loaded your API key properly. For information on google maps API enhancements, please view the help article here.

Display BQs applied per pax in reporting

Bookeasy has resolved the issue where booking question answers were not loading in the report builder, meaning manifests were failing when trying to include booking questions.