Development Release 14/11/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live production system overnight.  Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.



Bookeasy has introduced further enhancements onto the new screens used when recording and editing payments via the Bookeasy Staff Console.  When recording a new payment, the "Payment By" field will now always default and display the logged in user's first name.  If a new staff member has been created and has never recorded a prior payment, Bookeasy will now also default and display the logged in new staff member's first name as the "Payment By" value when recording a new payment.

In addition, Bookeasy has increased user accountability and has removed the ability for the "Payment By" user to be changed when recording or editing payments.  If a payment is recorded by the incorrect user, the payment can be reversed and then recorded using the correct user login.

The following improvements have been made with YesBookit's partner connection:

  • The indicative rates displayed on Bookeasy's region gadget now better reflect the indicative seasonal rates setup by the property in YesBookit.  This is the gadget that displays the property along with all other properties.  Now, regardless of the number of nights selected, the region gadget will accurately display the indicative seasonal rate that has been setup for the date period being searched, provided by YesBookit's API.

  • Bookeasy has made adjustments to its partner connection for certain properties that had been failing to connect during the setup process.  This was due to specific location data that was being received from YesBookit's API that had not been encountered before.  Bookeasy's adjustments now cater for this data and as a result these failing properties are now able to be connected.

  • Bookeasy has applied changes in order to ensure that imported YesBookit properties that are being setup as new operators in Bookeasy, are always set as gold medal instantly bookable operators.

Enhancements have been made to Bookeasy's partner connection disconnection and reconnection process in order to ensure booking questions are not duplicated when a partner connected operator is re-imported.  Prior to this change, a partner connected (i.e. Rezdy) operator's booking questions would not be archived if the operator was disconnected from Bookeasy.  When reconnected, Bookeasy would then create a new set of booking questions.  These new booking questions could at times conflict with the original set if the new questions differed when compared to the original.  

As a result of this enhancement, when a partner connected operator is disconnected from Bookeasy, then their existing booking questions will be archived.  When re-connected, the new set of booking questions imported will be the only active set of booking questions, negating any conflict during the booking process.

Bookeasy has made improvements to the process of inserting and saving successful gateway payments.  In the event a successful gateway payment fails to be saved into Bookeasy, Bookeasy will now better handle this so that it continues in its attempts to save the payment.  Now, if a successful gateway payment fails to be inserted and saved into Bookeasy after 5 consecutive attempts, Bookeasy will repeat the process 5 minutes later and re-attempt to save the payment into Bookeasy.

Bug Fixes

Duplicate Retail POS Payments

Bookeasy has resolved the issue of sporadic duplicate payments being recorded when a Retail POS sale is made.  Bookeasy discovered that in certain browsers, users were able to click the payment "Charge" button multiple times when making payment.  When this occurred, Bookeasy would at times record the payment twice.  Measures have now been taken to prevent this from occurring.