Development Patch Release 11/09/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below patch changes into the live production system. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.


Ignore Return Adjustments Less Than $0.05 For Bookings That Have Had A Pre-Existing Operator Return Run On Them

The new returns functionality calculates values better than ever before!  As a result, some bookings were being picked up as requiring an adjustment of (say) 1 or 2 cents when the new returns process was run.  Measures have been taken in order to ensure the new returns process does not apply these small adjustments to bookings that have had a pre-existing return run on them.

"Returns" Exception Report

Measures have been taken in order to ensure records from the returns exception report that display differences of < $0.05 for pre-existing returns prior to the 10/09/2018 development release are ignored.

Speed When Running An Operator Return Reconciliation

Bookeasy has back-end system flags on itineraries in order to indicate whether the system may might need to include an itinerary in the next return run.  It was discovered that these flags weren't being cleared when operator returns were saved on bookings.  This meant that destination partners who ran high volume operator return reconciliations would experience slowness as Bookeasy checked these back-end system flags on more bookings than required (therefore slowing down the process).  

This patch will clear the flag when you run your next operator return.  Please note that your next operator return may still be slow as it checks and clears all the existing back-end flags, however once you save your next operator return and these flags have cleared, then all future returns won’t require Bookeasy to check the same volume of bookings and itineraries when calculating its next return (thereby providing a speed improvement).  

Further speed optimisations will also be made in upcoming development release cycles.

Additional Email Notification Logging
Added adjustments to logging that was introduced in the last development release in order to assist in tracking why system email notifications might not be randomly sending for staff console bookings.

Recording Refunds For Pre-Existing Unallocated Payments
Made an adjustment to the staff console "Record Refund" functionality so you can now record a refund to an itinerary's pre-existing unallocated overpayment.