Destination Partners who use 3rd party financial systems such as MYOB in order to manage their organisation’s accounting can export data from within Bookeasy and into this finance system. Previously Bookeasy destination partners found it a difficult and time consuming task to import financial data from Bookeasy to MYOB, which is now possible by the click of a button.

Bookeasy has made the necessary enhancements in order to prepare and present data in the correct format required, so that Bookeasy can:

 - Export a Returns receipting MYOB import file

 - Export a Sales file on Payments received via a specific Booking Location.

 - Export a Receipts file that matches the Sales file.

To activate MYOB integration, please contact Bookeasy support.

*please note depending on the setup of your MYOB system, the integration may not work out of the box and will need slight adjustments by the Bookeasy development team to fit with your setup*