Development Release 08/08/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

What's New?!

MYOB Export now Available!

Bookeasy now has an available Add On that allows for data to be exported from Bookeasy into a MYOB friendly format, that can be uploaded into MYOB. For more information, please contact Bookeasy Support.

Room Facilities on Internal Gadgets

All Accommodation Products that have Room Facilities selected will now be reflected on the Internal Accommodation Search, underneath the room's description'

Partner Connected Products with a Minimum Pax requirement

Should an online user attempt to book a Partner Connected product with less guests than are required, the gadgets will now display an error message to the guest on checkout that advises why the booking could not be processed.


Retail Price added to Stock on Hand Report

The Stock on Hand Report located in the 'Retail' section now reflects the column for 'Retail Price' by default. Previously, this was an optional field that had to be ticked on to be seen. We have also included this field on both the PDF and CSV Downloads

Printing Operator Returns

The styling has been amended on this page to allow for all columns to be printed without being cutoff. Kindly note that if using Internet Explorer, the display should be changed to 'Landscape' to ensure all columns fit

Update Other Details 'Tour Details' reflect Active Occurrences only

When viewing the Tour Details section of an operator's Update Other Details section, this will now reflect active products only, as opposed to both active and archived. This improves both loading times and visibility.

Sorting Region Gadget by Price

When sorting the Region Gadgets by Price, Bookeasy will no longer take into account any rooms that are unavailable or restricted over the period searched. This ensures that the ordering reflects by price, for bookable products only.

Bug Fixes

Add Other Booking Commission Rates

When using Bookeasy's 'Add Other Booking' function for multiple products, the commissions now drop in correctly per item on the itinerary, as per the commission values setup against each operator.

Filtering on the Detailed Payment Breakdown report

The 'Select Retail Products' filter on the Detailed Payment Breakdown report now displays all Legacy and POS Retail Products that have an existing sale saved against them and filters correctly when selected

Finalise Button for Online Bookings

Should an online user have their payment fail upon checkout, the Finalise Button will re-appear so that another attempt c an be made to complete the booking process