Development Release 11/07/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

What's New?!

Text Displayed on Voucher Receipt

A new field has been added to Bookeasy's 'Booking Administration section' called 'Text Displayed on Voucher Receipt'. Text entered into this field will then reflect in a smaller font on the bottom of Voucher Receipts accessed via the Itinerary Screen. 

POS Retail Sales Summary Report

A new POS retail report has been created, loosely based on an older version called 'Retail Sales Summary'. This report can be located in the 'Retail' section of the 'Left Hand Menu'. Results in this report can be grouped by Category or Product


Booking Question Amendments made in Rezdy

Should an operator change the setup of wording of their Booking Questions in Rezdy, Bookeasy will now pick those changes up and import them through to the corresponding Bookeasy Member Console.

POS Sales added to existing Reservations shown on Tax Invoices and Itineraries

When adding a new POS Sale to an existing Bookeasy Itinerary, these items along with their corresponding Quantities and Discounts will be itemised on both the Tax Invoice and the Itinerary

'ENTER' key disabled on Payments Today Screen

Some Bookeasy users were hitting 'enter' on their keyboards when using the Search Filter on the Payments Today screen, which was resulting in an error. This field automatically filters the results as you type, meaning there is no need to press 'enter'. To avoid further confusion, we have since disabled the 'Enter' key's function on this page altogether

Edited Package Bookings to display on Packages Report

Once a Package booking was edited, it was deemed no longer part of the package. We have since made a change to this logic to ensure the edited booking does remain a part of the package, however only if the edited booking is for a product that is part of the package. This means that the edited booking will still display on the Packages Report.

Bug Fixes

Email History Filters

Email History now returns results when using the filters to search a one day span. Previously, if the email was sent on the 3rd June, for example, results would only return when searching the 2nd - 4th June. Now the results will return when searching the 3rd to the 3rd of June.

Supplier Numbers on Remittance Advice

For those Bookeasy users that have the 'Supplier Number' Add On, these numbers will now display on the Remittance advice, both on screen and when sent via email.

Channel Manager Report

Bookeasy's Channel Manager Report has had a few tweaks made to it to ensure the correct data is returned.

Allocated Rooms appear as Greyed Out

When allocating a booking to a particular room in Room Manager, the list of rooms will reflect as 2 different colours. Black rooms are available to allocate to, while grey rooms already have a booking and are not available to allocate to.

Units Name in Report Builder

When creating or running a report using the Report Builder feature, the Units Name Table and Column now returns results as expected.

Detailed Payment Breakdown report "Product Type" filter

The filter has been adjusted in order to ensure correct results are returned when filtering Tours and/or Tickets.