Development Release 2/05/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

What's New?!


Bookeasy has launched a new responsive Agent Booking Engine, providing Bookeasy’s destination partners and their commission agents the ability to rapidly increase their online distribution and booking potential.

New "Not Paid", "Paid" and 'Refund Required' Bookeasy Staff Console Reservation search Status Filters

The Bookeasy Staff Console's Reservation Search filters now include "Not Paid", "Paid" and "Refund Required status options.

  • The "Not Paid" filter displays bookings that have either no payment, or a part payment (i.e. anything’s that not paid in full).

  • The "Refund Required" filter is where the total value of the payments recorded are more than the itinerary value.  This could be caused by an overpayment, or when a booking is cancelled but no monies have been refunded yet (so the original payment is sitting there, whereas the value of the bookings have been reduced because of the cancellation).

  • "Paid" is where either the value of payments on an itinerary a greater than or equal to the total value of the bookings on an itinerary, or if the itinerary has been "closed".

The logic that determines what’s paid and not paid now checks the value of each booking on an itinerary, and compares that to the total value of payments made on the itinerary (whereas before it looked at the itinerary value and paid value summary).  This method now ensures accountability on payments that are processed on an itinerary.

New Report Builder Data Available

Bookeasy's Report Builder now includes 'Insurance Date' and 'Certificate Number' from 'Update Other Details' in the Operator Tables so that these fields can be reported on

Split Payment Auditing & Allocation
When a payment is made in Bookeasy, behind the scenes the system will break the payment up and allocate it to each fee, bond, booking or sale item on the itinerary.  Front-end transparency showcasing how Bookeasy has allocated a payment is also provided via a “Payment Breakdown Summary”.  Click here to read more.


Fully Paid Bookings now reflect as $0.00 Due as opposed to N/A on Room and Tour Manager's Reservations Calendar

Some bookings, depending on their origin, were reflecting as Total Due N/A, these will now show as Total Due $0.00 to streamline the Reservations Calendar

Parks Victoria can now view payments added at a Room and Tour Manager Level via their Staff Console

To improve transparency, Parks Victoria Staff can now see payments added at a Room and Tour Manager payments via their own console's Itinerary Screen

Enhanced performance of Bookeasy's Dropdown lists on the Reservations Search page

The way in which these lists populate was enhanced to ensure no timeouts issues and faster results when using.

Bug Fixes

Adding Multiple Products to Cart

More than one product from the same operator, as well as multiple operators, now works as expected using the Room and Tour Manager Operator Booking Gadgets

Sending Remittance Advice using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

Recipient Created Tax Invoices that are emailed from the Manage Returns screen now send successfully for users with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge web browsers

Remittance Advice now includes all relevant bookings

Some Recipient Created Tax Invoices were omitting certain bookings from the PDF Sent to operators, this has now been resolved.

Headers on Room and Tour Manager's Reservations Calendar can now sort

Clicking on any Header shown on the results of a 'text list' reservations calander search now sort the results by the column selected

Newly Created Reports selected to 'Show in Console'

Bookeasy Staff found an issue where newly created Reports via Report Builder were not appearing in the console's left hand menu when 'Show in Console' was selected. This issue has now been fixed

Operator Review Email Links

Operators can now successfully follow the link to their guest submitted Reviews via the email notification that the Bookeasy System sends to them

Operator Locations now reflect correctly on Bookeasy Gadgets

When using Centre Specific Overrides operators were not appearing under their correct locations, this has now been resolved.