Development Release 17/05/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

What's New?!

Booking Number now displayed on PDF Tickets

To assist operator's in locating reservations within their Bookeasy Console when presented with a guest's PDF Ticket, we have now included the Booking Number.

Send Email Notification to an Operator when a Partner Connect Cancellation fails

Operators will now receive an email notification should a Partner Connection Booking Cancellation fail. This usually only happens when the cancellation is for the day of travel. This will ensure operator's have the opportunity to manually cancel the booking and free up availability


Bookeasy Staff Console Dashboard Speed Improvements

Both the 'Unconfirmed Bookings' and 'Most Recent Bookings' tiles have been enhanced to improve the speed in which results are returned

Add Currency to XML Message

Currency Labels have now been added to XML messages to ensure channel managers receive this information

Bug Fixes

Ability to Disable Booking Questions

All Partner Connected Booking Questions are able to be individually disabled from within an operator's console

Client Consoles Reflect Correct Currency

Bookeasy's Client Console's now reflects the correct currency symbol when a guest logs in to pay the balance of their Itinerary

Discrepancy with Commission Rounding

Reservations Commissions now calculate correctly and use Bankers Rounding for both the Itinerary Screen and the Returns to ensure parity across the system

Availability Linking of Tours

Now works again as expected

Currency Defaults on Operator Booking Engines

When viewing Operator Booking Engines, the Default Currency will now display correctly on each new load of the page