Development Release 22/03/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

What's New?!

Show Cents in Region Gadget parameter now available

Bookeasy has now introduced a new parameter that can be applied to Region Gadgets that will allow cents to be displayed on the Region Gadget Price Results, to two decimal places


Wholesale Price and Profit Margin Information Added to POS Reports

Both the 'Sales Summary Breakdown' and 'Sales Summary Report have had the Wholesale Price and Profit Margin added as columns. Please note that the amounts shown in these new columns will reflect what was current at the time of booking as opposed to the time the report was run.

Bookeasy's Online Help Links Updated

Should a user select Bookeasy's 'Online Help' option, they will now be directed to Bookeasy's Knowledgebase. This area holds more up to date advice and information and is consistently being improved and added to. This change will affect Visitor Centre Consoles.

Multi Booking Itineraries Enhancements

In a previous release, logging had been added to this function so Bookeasy could pinpoint any specific areas within the code that were slowing this process down. Since then, we have managed to locate the affected section and improve it, to ensure faster loading ties when making multiple bookings on one Itinerary.

Removed the Salutation Field from Gadgets when making Online Bookings

To coincide with internal bookings, Bookeasy's Online Gadgets no longer require a Salutation to be selected.

Room and Tour Manager increased Booking Search Speed

Changes have been made to how the database stores guest information, to allow for faster results. We have also included the ability to search by Name or Guest Email Address

Bookeasy's Staff Console Search

Improvements to how Bookeasy stores guest information have been made to allow for faster results when searching for reservations. Reservations can now be located by Guest Name, Voucher Number, Booking Question Answers or Guest Email Address.

Bug Fixes

Global Commission Types

Can now be saved irrespective of the selection in the 'All Booking Types' field. Should this commission be based on a Percentage, for example, the Booking Centre Commission field can be set as an 'Amount'

Payments Today CSV Export

Exporting large quantities of information via the Payments Today report is now possible, without an error being received.

Room Manager's Multi Booking Gadget

Now works as expected, with multiple items being able to be added to the cart at a time

Commissions Applied to Amended Bookings

An amended reservation will now reflect the original commission that applied when the reservation was made.