Development Release 07/03/2018

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.


Partner Connection Updates

Motherships will no longer be able to make a Partner Connected Operator Non Current. A note has been added to the 'Update Other Details' screen in this scenario, to advise lMotherships to instead contact Bookeasy Support to arrange this.

Making Large Bookings via Bookeasy's Internal Gadgets Menu

Bookeasy has improved the Internal Gadgets Menu to ensure large group bookings can be made six time faster than they could previously! Saving the booking is now also much faster, as opposed to waiting for all queued emails to send before showing the completed Itinerary screen, Bookeasy will instead direct the user to the Itinerary screen and will display a 'queued emails' message until these have been sent, providing a much faster user experience.

Styling Improvements on Bookeasy's Internal Gadgets Menu

The calendar dates now display correctly without overlap and are a uniform size and a white space has been removed from below the Prices, Details and Map tab

Empty Cart Button

Bookeasy have added an 'Empty Cart Button' to gadgets to allow the quick removal of all of the items in a cart. This is an optional setting for online gadgets and is automatically applied to the Internal Gadgets Menu. To include this button on Online Gadgets, simply add the following parameter to the gadgets code 'showEmptyCartButton:true' For an example of how this button displays, Click Here.

Room and Tour Manager Booking Summary Report Improvements

The Booking Summary Report available to Room and Tour Manager users has had some drastic improvements made to speed up the results. This report will no longer run automatically upon opening the Booking Summary page and will instead require parameters to be entered initially. An option has also been included to Include Zero Dollar Bookings, allowing more filtered results to display.

Room and Tour Manager Reservations Calendar Reporting Improvements

Arrivals Today and Departures Today now reflects all bookings arriving and departing today, despite the arrival or departure time of the reservation. Previously, once the booking's arrival or departure time had passed, it would no longer appear as a result on these reports. Some new additions have also been created > Arrivals Tomorrow, Arrivals Yesterday, Departures Tomorrow and Departures Yesterday. Using the column headings to sort the data now works as expected as well.

Client Notes entered at the time of booking, now sent to Livn

Should a guest or booking agent enter Guest Comments into a reservation, these will be sent to Livn via their 'OperatorNotes' field.

Stricter Controls on which URL's the Gadget will render for the Download PDF Link

Bookeasy has improved the security of the Download PDF link to ensure parameters passed in the URL can not be amended to show a differing reservations' details.

Bug Fixes

Only Send Email when Fully Paid

Our keen eyed developers noticed that this feature was not working as accurately as it should and have since made improvements to this function to ensure emails are only sent when a booking is fully paid.

Discrepancies with Location Filters on Gadgets

This area has now been fine tuned to ensure the correct operators display when searching for a particular location using Bookeasy's Gagdet

Page Scroll to meet Date Picker

Should a user select 'Change Dates' on Bookeasy's Details Gadget, they will be automatically scrolled up the page with the calendar selector opened to choose a new date