Development Release 30/11/2017

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.


Logging added to assist in future Investigations

The Bookeasy Team have added email logging to our system to ensure the team are able to successfully investigate and resolve email failures more efficiently.

Guest Address reflects on Tax Invoice

Room and Tour Manager's Tax Invoices now reflect the guest's full and complete address as entered into the booking

New Booking Locations management screen

Bookeasy has updated the screen where custom Booking Locations are created and managed.  This screen has also been added to the Bookeasy Staff Console left menu under Administration > Booking Locations.

Enhanced Retail POS Process When Adding Custom Booking Locations for the First Time

Previously if a Retail POS user accumulated sales, adjustments and transactions for a period of time using Bookeasy's default Booking Locations, but then switched to using custom Booking Locations, this would negatively impact how Stock is managed.  As a result, Bookeasy has introduced functionality so that when a Retail POS user decides to create their first custom location, Bookeasy will advise the end user of it repercussions, disable certain features to minimise negative impact, and advise the correct course of action in order for the end user to correctly maintain Stock Management. For further information, click here

Bug Fixes

Pax Type Displayed on Ticket PDF

The pax type that pertains to each ticket now reflects on the PDF Attachment sent to the guest

Commission charged on operator cancellation fees when setting turned on

A visitor centre can opt to charge commission on operator cancellation fees

Itinerary date, time and tour name reflect on Correspondence Itineraries correcltly

After amending a reservation directly in Room or Tour Manager, the correspondence Itinerary, when re-generated, will reflect the amended details

Add a Product via Booking Questions Internally

When a booking question is answered via the Staff Console's edit Booking popup, the trigger to add a product will commence and the additional product can be seen in the 'Itinerary Details' section

Able to save Images to Ticket Products

Bookeasy Tickets now allows a user to successfully upload an image via the Ticket Setup screen

Images remain after mothership change

After changing an operator's mothership, any images the operator has uploaded into their Bookeasy Console will remain as expected.

Operator Booking Engine reflect pax types 

When a user navigates to an operator's booking engine, pax types filters will reflect upon the page loading.