Development Release 15/11/2017

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.


NEW Retail POS Stock Management Features

Bookeasy’s Retail POS system is launching full stock management capabilities, stacked with fantastic new features allowing users to conduct Stocktake, track product quantities for retail sales and conduct Stock Adjustments or Stock Transfers between multiple locations. Reporting capabilities include Stock History auditing for all sales, adjustments and transfers, and a new Stock on Hand report.

Expose SmartFuel Flags

Bookeasy can now reflect Operator SmartFuel information in the Update Other Details section

Packages Maximum Pax Accommodation

Should a guest exceed the maximum number of adults permitted in the accommodation included in a package, Bookeasy will now reflect as 'Maximum # Persons' to alert the guest.

Promotion Transparency

Promotion Details have been added to Itinerary screens as well as Operator Returns, ensuring transparency for each booking's total cost.

Channel Manager Report

Bookeasy's recently released Channel Manager Report now includes a column for the operator's website. It has also been amended to reflect active operators only by default.

Permit Letter Capability for Tour Providers

Permit Letters are now compatible with Tour Bookings.

Amount Discount Options

Operator Specials now have the flexibility to allow operators to offer either a nightly discount, or once per booking.

Commission Transparency on Correspondence

As Bookeasy now offers the ability for commission values to fluctuate depending on the type or origin of a booking, we have now ensured that information such as the Promotion Name and Expected Net Payment to the operator is reflected on correspondence sent to operators.

Promotion Setup - Operator Tab Amendments

Some changes were made to the Operator Tab of Promotions Setup, where wording was improved and options streamlined.

Image Migration

The Bookeasy Team have tirelessly working towards the migration of all our stored images to another location. No changes should be seen from a user's perspective, however behind the scenes things are running more smoothly.

Destination Partner Tax Numbers on Customer Tax Invoices

Some Bookeasy Clients are required to display their GST Numbers on Tax Invoices. To cater for this, Bookeasy has now introduced a field in Financial Administration to enter this number, that then displays on customer Tax Invoices.

Operator Bank Detail Change Notifications for Destinations

Notifications sent to Destinations when an operator updates their Bank Details in Bookeasy, can now be setup on a global level within the Financial Administration section.  In addition, the email sent to Destinations advising them of the operator's updated bank details has been revamped with a new style, and will display the operator's previous bank details along with the new.

Bug Fixes

Daily Rates

Bookeay's daily rates can now be updated as expected

Flat Fee Commission

Is now stored correctly against the booking as a flat fee commission.

MRT Custom Report

Can now be accessed and will run as expected.

Correspondance Import Logo feature

Room and Tour Manager users are now able to use 'Import Logo' in the Correspondence section,. This will use your Business' Logo from the 'Upload Images and Pictures' section