Development Release 01/11/2017

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

What's New?

Channel Manager Report

Bookeasy Staff Console users now have access to a 'Channel Manager Report' located in the Left Hand Menu under 'Reporting'. The results of this report give transparency regarding which channel managers are updating your members and when.


Staff Console Reservation Search Enhancements

The Bookeasy Team have made some significant changes to the Reservation Search screen available to visitor centre staff via their Staff Consoles. For further information on these enhancements, click here.

Channel Manager XML Logging

Improvements have been made to Bookeasy's logging of XML request and responses sent and received from Channel Managers. This will ensure Bookeasy can provide XML logs where the Channel Manager fails to do so.

Booking Deadline Extensions for Tours and Events

The Booking Deadline feature has now been developed to allow for an operator to select up to 48 hours, as opposed to 24, for their Tour or Ticket products.

Image Save Location

Bookeasy's images that are uploaded throughout the systems are now being stored in a different area to ensure their future use. These changes can not be seen from a user's perspective as they are all behind the scenes.

Faster Load Times for Partner Connected Product

Bookeasy has introduced the ability for visitor centre staff to reduce the number of cached products on a per operator basis. Reducing this number will fasten result load times, however will mean that the results will not be 'real time' and will instead be reflecting cached information from the last time the operator's products was searched using Bookeasy's Tour Search. For further information on this setting, please contact the friendly support team here at Bookeasy

Permit Letters Guest Tally

Permit Letters will now tally the number of guests as opposed to reflecting the number of guests per site.

Increased Number of Reviews Exported

The Bookeasy Team have ensured that results >100 individual entries can now be exported with no time-outs occurring.

Bug Fixes

Rezdy Rate Display

Bookeasy has now been developed to ensure a maximum of 2 decimal places reflect on internal and external Bookeasy Gadgets, using Bankers Rounding to decide on the final price.

Rezdy Booking Questions Import

When refreshing Partner Connected Product for mothershipped operators, Bookeasy will now include those products not connected to the mothership in the refresh, ensuring any other centre connected to that product has updates rates and availability.

Booking Question's 'Message to Guest'

A particular Booking Question's 'Message to Guest' is now reflecting, as expected, on Bookeasy's external gadgets

Make a Package Booking when Checkout Date is Unavailable

Guests making package bookings online, that include Accommodation and a Tour or Event, where the accommodation is not available on the night of checkout, will now allow the booking to be made.

Send Customer Emails

The above tickbox located in Bookeasy Staff Console's 'booking Administration' section, now clearly reflects that the setting applies to internal only. Correspondence will still be sent to guests for online bookings made, as normal.

Promotion Text

Promotion Text will now only display on correspondence for those centres who are using the 'Promotions' Add on