Development Release 21/09/2017

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

What's New?

Region Gadget Promotion Enhancements

As part of a larger project, some behind the scenes work has been released in regards to the new Promotions area Bookeasy is developing

Auto Cancel Unpaid, Online Bookings.

The ability to set an auto cancel parameter is now available within the Bookeasy Staff console. Under Booking Administration, users will now be able to have Bookeasy auto cancel unpaid, online bookings within a specified time frame.

More information here.

Toggle Sending Operator and/or Guest Emails

Previously a setting per operator, staff can now create a blanket setting from the Booking Administration section in Bookeasy. Defaulted to ticked, this setting ensure both the guest and operator are sent an email for unpaid, online bookings.

More information here.


Bookeasy Staff Console Operator Commission Levels Report

Has now been created and can be located in the Left Hand Menu, under 'Operators'

Move Bookeasy PVT to new servers

The team here at Bookeasy are currently working towards moving one of our environments over to new servers, to future proof our products.

Masking Commission Fields

Some Bookeasy clients required Commissions fields in the staff console to be disabled, as this data is being populated by a third party system for select clients.

Booking Location Column in Operator Returns

To assist our clients regarding with their financial reconciliations, Bookeasy has now included a 'Booking Location' column in the Operator Returns reports.

Option to remove Individual Costings from Package Itineraries

Clients using Packages now have the ability to flick between displaying, or hiding individual costings on Package Itineraries via the Itinerary Setup section

Image Migration

Bookeasy are working on improving the current way our images are stored

Bug Fixes

Currency reflects as AUD

Bookeasy has removed the 'AUD' that was hardcoded to the internal shopping cart page

Add Other Bookings

Can now be located in an operator's console


Multiple Choice Booking Questions

Booking Questions will now allow multiple answers to be saved, which will in turn reflect in both the staff and operator consoles, as well as email correspondence and manifests