Development Release 23/08/2017

Bookeasy successfully released the below changes into the live system overnight. Should you require any further information in regards to any of the below features, please reach out to our friendly Bookeasy Support team who will be more than happy to help.

What's New?

YesBookIt Partner Mapping Screen

Bookeasy are currently developing a partner connection with YesBookIt that we hope to share more about in the coming weeks

Promotion Setup Wizard    

In preparation for the upcoming release of the new Promotions Feature, Bookeasy have developed the Setup Wizard for this functionality. This remains hidden for now, until other areas of the project are completed

Region Gadget Promotion Enhancements

Changes were made to the Region Gadget to support future promotions

Booking Gadget Promotion Enhancements

Changes were made to the Booking Gadget to support future promotions

Displaying Promotional Discounts in the Bookeasy Staff Console

Bookeasy's Staff Console has been further developed to allow for the display of Promotional Discounts

Editing Bookings that include a Promotional Discount

Bookings that include Promotional Discounts can now be edited and will re-calculate the discount based on the new criteria

Cancelling Bookings that include a Promotional Discount

Cancelling a Reservation that includes a Promotional Discount will also remove the Promotional Discount from the booking

Promotions Booking Report

A new report has been developed that allows for Promotional Discount based reporting.

Create Batch File Report and Schedule nightly updates

A Batch File report has been created for Promotions that can be scheduled to send to upload to Bookeaay's FTP, for retrieval by a client.


Number of Nights to 'Add Other Booking' Itineraries

Should an accommodation booking be made via 'Add Other Booking', the Itinerary will now display the number of nights.

Google Tracking Code column extension

The character limit for Google Tracking codes has been increased from 400 to 2000

Storing Images

To ensure the future efficiency and reliability of our servers, Bookeasy has been striving to upload all it's stored images to another server. This change will eventually render the legacy Media Viewer ineffective, The Bookeasy Team will be sending out further correspondence soon to advise in more detail

Bug Fixes

Booking Fees including Cost Adjustments

Bookeasy has now ensured that Booking Fees calculate based on the product total, as well as any additional cost adjustments that may apply to the reservation